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Why Choose This Course?

There is a variety of training out there for potential dog groomers, so why is this course the right one for you?

At Vibe Learning we are not providing you with a simple dog grooming course but sharing with you a lifetime of knowledge, based upon many years of canine experience and multiple qualifications, all at your fingertips.

Setting this course apart from others is our extensive list of additional resources included in the course.   Fully printable, these resources are to be be displayed in your grooming area for reference as you work.

» Blade Charts

»  Equipment  Checklist 

» The Five Freedoms Print Out

» Canine Disease Wall Chart 

» Canine Muscle Structure Diagram 

» Health Assessment Checklist 

» Breed Styling Sheets

Vibe Learning Dog Grooming DiplomaOther Online Dog Grooming Courses
Instant course access, Pay Now Start Today! Lengthy manual processing times during Mon-Fri working hours
Extensive, dog specific quality course content Generic animal grooming content
All our tutors are practising Dog Groomers Institute tutors with no hands on dog grooming experience
Value for money with over 400 pages of quality unique content Short lessons
5 day no questions asked money back guarantee* No money back guarantee
Multiple assessment styles including practical No practical experience
Bonus Resources & Business Modules No specific business building content
Social Learning With Student Facebook Group No Peer Contact

This Dog Grooming Diploma from Vibe Learning is developed specifically to build the same skills as if you were physically attending a classroom course. Online learning, like everything else, has varying standards. Some courses will send you information then a set of questions to answer and that's it. You are expected then to go out into the world as an expert in your subject, which we realise can be pretty terrifying.

There is a huge difference between knowing how a clipped dog should look and actually creating the same professional finish. We acknowledge this and will build your skills and your confidence in unison, during easy steps and careful assignments.

This learning will help you to become a confident dog groomer that can read the behaviour of the dogs in your care. It will prepare you with a huge base of knowledge on a vast range of essential subjects as you qualify. By the time your certificate pops into your mailbox your confidence will be as secure as your qualification.

In addition to all of the dog based learning you also will learn how to create your own business, communicate perfectly with clients and have a full groomer’s diary, in many cases before the course is complete.

With specialist focus on building a business from the ground up, day to day running of a small business and successful marketing to obtain and keep clients you will never flounder for customers. We also show you how to use social media, online marketing and physical advertising in the most suitable areas, all of which will quickly grow your business way beyond your expectations.

Whatever your personal circumstance and professional experience, we are already geared up to provide your achievement of personal success with this dog grooming course. Your success is our success after all.

Ask yourself what you would like to be doing this time next year? The same as you are now or would you prefer to be achieving your dreams?

Positive and successful change is your reality, here and now. Say yes. Change your life for the better and start by enrolling now! We genuinely look forward to your bright future as much as you do.

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