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Dog Grooming Bundle (2 Courses)

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Embark on a journey to establish your thriving dog grooming business - Take advantage of 2 comprehensive courses!

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"This Dog Grooming course has meant so much to me! I’ve since been employed from starting the course and am now clipping dogs! I never wanted this course to end! Such a supportive group on FB and the tutor’s were always there for me from day 1! Highly recommended this course and all it has to offer. This one truly is the best!! Just Do It! You won’t be disappointed and you can start a new career out of it!" - Sammy Wilson

If you've been nurturing the idea of becoming a skilled dog groomer for some time, then enrolling in this professional dog grooming bundle will help turn your aspirations into reality.

This dog grooming bundle combines two highly sought-after courses: The Dog Grooming Diploma and the Dog Behaviour and Training Certificate.  Through these comprehensive modules, you will acquire the practical expertise required to excel as a professional dog groomer.

Benefit from the guidance of our expert mentors who will teach you various styling, clipping and stripping techniques. Additionally, explore the world of ANKC breed groups and master breed-specific grooming approaches. With an array of coat types and body shapes, ranging from drop coats to long haired breeds, you will learn the art of combining different styling techniques to deliver impeccable grooming results for any dog breed.

Establishing a successful dog grooming business hinges on earning the trust and confidence of your customers. This is where the Dog Behaviour and Training Certificate becomes invaluable. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how dogs learn and think, delve into their genetics and anatomy, and arm yourself with indispensable knowledge. As a professional dog groomer, you will find yourself educating your clients, and your confidence and expertise will undoubtedly keep them coming back for more.  

What set's us apart?

What sets us apart is our commitment to hands-on support and assessment throughout the learning journey. Our written assessments are not automated; each one is carefully reviewed by your certified dog grooming mentor Hannah.  As a professional groomer herself, Hannah provides personalised feedback and is always there to offer support and guidance throughout your learning journey. 

A distinctive feature of our course lies in the outcomes of our students. We take great pride in sharing the stories of individuals who have not only completed our course but have also established their own thriving dog grooming businesses. We are proud of these success stories as they serve as a testament to the effectiveness of our course, as do our reviews on Trust Pilot.

Accredited and Industry Endorsed

Our Professional Dog Grooming Diploma and Dog Behaviour and Training Certificate are internationally accredited by ICOES.

Vibe Learning went through a rigorous evaluation and audit of these courses to gain accreditation. Having ICOES accreditation guarantees you will receive a high standard of content that has undergone evaluation by an independent organisation, ensuring it's quality and credibility.

12 Modules
  • Employment Options
  • Tools, Products & Equipment
  • Combs, Brushes, Shedding Aids, Scissors, Clippers, Blades, Guard Combs
  • Canine Care & First Aid
  • ANKC Breed Group Knowledge
  • Canine Anatomy
  • Positive Handling Techniques
  • Dealing with Aggressive or Fearful Dogs
  • Disease & Skin Disorders
  • Genetics
  • Essential Health Check
  • Bathing
  • Coat Types
  • Head Shapes
  • Mixed Breed Grooming
  • Breed Specific Grooming (Groups 1-7)
  • Scissoring Skills
  • Body Shapes
  • Styling & Clipping Techniques
  • Fluff Drying & Stretch Drying
  • Puppy Grooms
  • Creating a Customer Base
  • Setting up Your Business
  • Grooming at Home or Mobile
  • Marketing & Growing Your Business
+ Business Hub Resources
  • Equipment Checklist, Blade Size Chart, Canine Disease Chart, Dog Health Assessment Template, Business Plan Template & Income Projection Template & more.
+ Unlimited Access At Home With Lisa Video Series
  • Lisa's Grooming Journey, Salon Tour, Grooming Tools & Equipment, Setting Up The Business, Insurance.

  • The Domestication of Dogs
  • Breed Groups
  • Genetics
  • Breed Standards
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • The Nervous System
  • The Brain and Hormones
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Common Dog Diseases
  • The Puppy Years
  • The Reproductive Years
  • How Dogs Think & Learn
  • Dog Training Techniques & Methods
  • Correcting Problem Behaviour
  • Chewing, Jumping, Barking, Food Aggression and Separation Anxiety
  • Training Dogs To Work

Professional Groomer, Hannah Grice
Hannah Grice

"I'm always here to help and am very easy to approach."

I am a passionate animal lover and certified Heiniger Academy groomer, with over a decade of hands-on experience working with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

My passion for dog grooming started at an early age, having trained under some of the most respected professionals in the industry.

Alongside running my own successful grooming salon, I've become a professional educator, committed to raising the industry standards and guiding aspiring dog groomers to follow in my footsteps and become confident and competent dog grooming professionals.

Read Hannah Grice's Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. During that time, you'll have access to all the materials. If you decide the course isn't right for you, just send us an email to get a full refund.

This course is designed for self-paced learning, which means you have the freedom to study on your own schedule.

There are no time limits or deadlines, and you have 24/7 access to the course. You'll have all the flexibility and convenience to balance your studies with other commitments.

Yes, our dog grooming courses are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards (ICOES).

You can find more information about ICOES on their website here.

It's important to note that the field of dog grooming is currently unregulated, meaning there is no government-mandated certificate required to qualify you as a dog groomer. While formal certification may not be a legal prerequisite, we strongly believe in the value of professional training for anyone offering grooming services.

Our dog grooming courses have been meticulously developed by a professional grooming educator with extensive experience running her own salon for many years. To ensure the highest standards, all our courses are mentored by practicing dog groomers. This unique approach allows us to provide both current and professional guidance throughout your learning journey.

While you may not need a formal certificate to work as a groomer, our commitment is to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and mentorship needed to excel in this unregulated but highly rewarding industry.

Yes there are short-answer assessments which you will submit to your course mentor. Additionally there are multiple choice quizzes that you can complete as many times as you need to.

These assessments will help you understand the material and will reinforce your learning. There are no deadlines on any of the assessments.

You have lifetime access to your course.

No, there's no need to buy equipment before enrolling in the course. The practical tasks in the course are optional, and if you choose to complete them, you'll only need basic supplies.

Yes, we've partnered with Artemis Grooming Supplies, one of the top pet grooming supplies distributors in Australia, to offer our students up to 20% off on grooming supplies. So, you can get everything you need at a discounted price if and when you need it.

Yes, you can pay just $25 per week. If you would rather pay fortnightly or monthly, just let us know. Payment plans are interest-free and there are no credit checks.

Designed to fit your schedule

Our platform offers a seamless learning experience, designed to fit into any busy schedule. With 100% online accessibility, you can dive into our comprehensive lessons from any device, whenever and wherever you choose.

Our interactive approach combines;

  • On-demand video tutorials
  • Engaging interactive lessons
  • Mentor guided assessments

Experience instant access to a wealth of resources with free lifetime access to your course and our exclusive Facebook community, where you can connect with fellow students, seek guidance, and receive invaluable advice to kickstart your business.


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What people are saying about our courses

Mercedes Korab

I recently had the pleasure of undertaking a grooming course that has truly been a transformative experience in my life. This course, designed to empower individuals to groom their pets with confidence, has exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only did it equip me with the skills needed to groom my own furry friends, but it also provided a safe and easygoing learning environment that has greatly helped me.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this course was...

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The Learning Environment

From the moment that you enrol in the Dog Grooming Bundle (2 Courses) you will become an integral part of our learning community. You'll find yourself with the freedom to learn at a speed that suits you, on any device, from anywhere in the world. Achieving your career goals no longer has to mean compromising family and work commitments.

Plus, with our payment plan, you can pay off your course for just $25 per week, making it affordable and accessible to all. Join us today and take the first step towards a brighter future.

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Why Vibe Learning?

Learn At Your Own Pace

We believe in personalised learning. That's why we provide all the tools and support you need to succeed at your own pace. With flexible learning, you'll stay motivated and retain more information. Plus, you can balance your studies with work and family commitments to make your dreams a reality.

We Won't Break The Bank

Education should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn. That's why we offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry with payments plans for just $25 per week. Investing in your future is a smart choice and doesn’t have to break the bank.

Industry-Led Courses

There's no better way to learn than from experts with years of experience in your field. That's why each of our 200+ industry-led courses are designed to give you a real-life perspective on your industry. With our expert mentors, you'll learn from people who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and who are passionate about sharing it with you.

Get The Personal Support You Deserve

At Vibe Learning, we're real people who are dedicated to providing you with personal support every step of the way. Our industry experts are not only professional and knowledgeable but also incredibly passionate about sharing their expertise with you. With their guidance, you'll gain invaluable insights and practical knowledge to help you succeed.

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