Dog Grooming Diploma

Can you imagine spending your professional life grooming dogs and maybe even owning your own successful business? If so why not become a professional dog groomer with Vibe Learning?
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  • Delivery Method Online
  • Unlimited access
  • 300 hours, self-paced study time
  • Diploma course level
  • Tutor support for 12 months
  • Assignments, quizes and practical
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly
  • 162 Students

What's it all about?

Anywhere that there are people, there will be dogs. The relationship between our two species is growing ever stronger and the dog breeds that we favour need regular care and consistent grooming.  There are simply not enough qualified dog groomers to meet dog owner’s needs, which provides an opening in the market.  This is exactly why, when qualified as a dog groomer, your future is bright. 

2 courses for the price of 1 until 31 Oct 2018!!!  Don't miss out.  Enrol and pay upfront in the Dog Grooming Diploma * and receive our Dog Behaviour and Training Certificate for FREE!

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"I've always wanted to work for myself, tho as we move and travel a fair bit I wanted a job that would be able to move with me, and also something I could do from home as we were planning to start a family. I met a lady on my travels who was a groomer and decided that's what I wanted to do. It ticked all the boxes, plus I get to work with my favourite animal- dogs! So here I am, diploma finished, a 10 month old bub, and working from home running my own business. Ive had the business registered since the end of October and each week is getting better and better. It's crazy how quickly your confidence grows once you start doing a few dogs consistently each week" - Nicole

A profession as a qualified dog groomer is one of the most rewarding things that a dog lover can develop. This qualification will literally give you options that you may never have considered. Whether your future takes you into employment, self-employment or results in you becoming the owner of a vast chain of dog grooming establishments is up to you.

By the end of the course you could find yourself:

  • Working at home in a specifically designed grooming area.
  • Working as a mobile groomer in your own specialist adapted van.
  • Working in a salon with other qualified groomers.
  • Opening your own salon.

Each of the above possibilities are covered in this course along with everything else that you could possibly need to know.

This Diploma course is a definitive, highly detailed, dog grooming course designed specifically for people that need flexible learning who cannot commit to a classroom course such as at Tafe or conduct practical learning on someone else’s timescale.

We believe that education of great quality should be available to anyone who wants to learn. Yet we know that studying for a new career can be time consuming and expensive. Which is exactly why we have developed this course, helping you to change your life.  By teaching you a brand new skill at an affordable price you will gain all the confidence that you need in order to successfully make dog grooming your lifestyle.

Vibe Learning brings you invaluable professional guidance from our industry expert tutor without the unnecessary structure or timetable of traditional classroom courses.

What Will I Learn?

This Dog Grooming course includes twelve modules which carefully take you through the qualification.  You will learn everything from breed grooming tricks, calming signals and canine health problems to shaping the perfect Poodle pompom.

The course is assessed using the following activities:

  • 12 revision quizes
  • 12 (optional) practical tasks
  • 4 formal short answer assignments 

Each module contains step by step learning. You will be taught everything that you need to know about dog handling, behaviour and professional dog care inclusive of first aid and crucial illness awareness. Each stage in your learning will build on the last one in a style that leaves you wondering how you managed to learn so much, so quickly.

Each of the practical and progressive steps are designed to build your skill and confidence as you study. We leave no learning stone unturned whilst giving you the exact skill set to step right into your new life.

The course is designed with student development in mind. We do not just give you a book and expect you to become a dog groomer from it, as some online learning certainly does. We work with you to develop skills and capability that you need to confidently sell your services as a groomer.

Qualification and confidence are intertwined in this dog grooming course.  We do much more than just teach you the theory of dog grooming.

Aimed towards learners of all ages, from school leavers, to those going back into study after many years, this course undoubtedly creates dog groomers of the best calibre.  Yes that includes you!

The Dog Grooming Diploma is exclusive to Vibe Learning and is not sold by any third party resellers.

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Who's the instructor?


Wendy has had over 20 years experience working in animal care. She ran her own successful mobile pet grooming and care business, for many years. Wendy also worked as a veterinary nurse for 14 years. Where she has worked within veter... Read more

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What's involved?

  • Module 1 - The Grooming Kit
  • Module 2 - Canine Care and First Aid
  • Module 3 - Anatomy, Illness, Disease and Skin Disorders
  • Module 4 - Grooming in Practice
  • Module 5 - Genetic Understanding and Grooming Skills
  • Module 6 - Starting to Style
  • Module 7 - Poodles and Curly Coats
  • Module 8 - Terrier Grooming
  • Module 9 - Dog Styling Portfolio
  • Module 10 - Focus on Customer Skills
  • Module 11 - Setting up Your Business
  • Module 12 - Marketing and Business Growth

Student Gallery

Check out some grooms that have been shared by students studying the Dog Grooming Diploma.

What do others think?

‘Excellent course - able to do at own pace and a great network in the Facebook group - I learnt a lot’

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The Learning Environment

From the moment that you enrol in Dog Grooming Diploma you will become an integral part of our learning community. You will experience the perks of classroom studies such as chatting by the water cooler or sharing your opinion on a specific task, all in your own home.

Tutor support during your learning is flawless, friendly and encouraging. You will learn from your professional tutor who is not only knowledgeable and highly skilled but is a passionate industry expert. Our ethos is that if you succeed, we succeed. As with any studies, learning can be intense, yet you will soon realise that your hard work and commitment will be both personally and professionally rewarding.

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Why Choose Vibe Learning?

Learn Your Way

We understand that everyone works at their own pace and no two students are the same. That's why when you study with Vibe Learning we provide you with all the study guidelines, tools and support you need but leave you to set the pace. You are free to complete your assessments when and where you want.

We don't break the bank

With Vibe Learning we believe that education should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn. That's why we offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Investing in your future is a smart choice and doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you choose our money saving upfront prices or flexible payment plans, studying is accessible to you.

You'll get the personal attention you deserve

We are real people, providing real support every step of the way. When you study with Vibe Learning, you'll benefit from learning from professional, knowledgeable and most of all passionate industry experts.

Reap the rewards sooner rather than later

We offer a range of options from short 6 week courses through to extensive 12 month courses. Whatever your personal or professional goals, studying online with Vibe Learning provides a rewarding life changing experience which is well within your reach.

Learn real life skills

We don’t profess to know everything about every industry. That's why, when we write a course we work with industry experts who do know everything! Before delivering a course we make sure that the following boxes have big green ticks in them;

  • The course is industry Current
  • The course is Relevant to our students
  • The course is Engaging and delivers outcomes

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