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  • Photoshop Elements 9 Digital Photography

    ‘This course was everything I had hoped it would be, and more! I am by no means an expert at this point, but I am very strongly motivated to go back and redo those lessons that did not come easy to me, until I have mastered them! Even though I had to redo some parts of them several times, once I got it, I was thrilled and could hardly wait to move forward. The instructor's approach and language were very comfortable for me to work with; I never felt bad about not understanding something the first time. Her encouragement to do it again was just the right kind of challenge I needed. I look forward to taking additional courses from Beverly Schulz. I would also like to thank Eric for his quick response to a couple of questions I submitted in the discussion format. It was good to know that he and your staff were just a click away to getting help if I got into real trouble. In sum - A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!!!’

  • Administrative Assistant Applications

    ‘I feel that he course and instructors were completely in line with my expectations and were very "user friendly" in each section of this course!’

  • Writing Successful Business Plans

    ‘I finally have a three-dimensional package and not just a "thought."’

  • Professional Cooking and Catering

    ‘I am elated that I chose to take this particular course. I enjoy cooking and entertaining guest on a regular basis. The course has really taught me some important information that I was not aware of.’

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 for Teachers

    ‘I was pleasantly surprised by this course. I have been using Excel for years and was having trouble transitioning to the new layout, but in addition to learning the new layout, I have learned to do things in Excel I knew it did but had never spent the time to learn myself (for example using conditional formulas and formatting) and most of the new things I will use in my grade books at work! Thank you!’