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  • Total Quality Fundamentals

    ‘The course was a very good introduction to the concepts and history of quality management. I look forward to taking the next course where we really get to the "nuts and bolts" of ISO and lean management. Tony's lessons were clear and concise.’

  • Teaching Students With ADHD

    ‘Thank you so much, Ellen for a great course. Even though this was an online course, your kind and approachable manner all made us feel as if we were in a classroom with you. We really appreciated your timely replies to discussion topics and assignments. Thank you for sharing all your personal insights and strategies, they will definitely be used by all of us on our teaching journey. I think if we strive to be half the teacher you are, we'll be touching childrens' lives in the same positive way.’

  • Java Programming Fundamentals

    ‘Unlike past Java courses, I was able to understand and relate to the material that was taught. The way the instructor explained each word, what it meant, and what it did, helped me more than anything I have read or been taught. It was a wonderful course and I would take more classes from this instructor!!’

  • Understanding Communication

    ‘Thank you so much. Because I took this course, I was able to initiate and partake in a conflict mediation resolution to resolve a situation at work. [...] I am fortunate to belong to an organization that promotes interpersonal relations. It was an emotional experience, but I was able to address my concerns and I feel validated as they were legitimate. It was an incredible experience and I achieved success due to taking this course and the Get Assertive course. Thanks again for helping me resolve conflict.’

  • Marketing Writing for Business

    ‘This course is helping me tremendously. I keep copies of the lessons at my desk.’