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  • Understanding Adolescents Minds

    ‘This was definitely one of the very most interesting and useful courses I have taken. It offers a tremendous amount of insight, especially for parents and others who teach/work with adolescents. In addition to providing information pertaining to all the important facets of adolescence, the instructor also ties this in with the impact of earlier life experiences, quality of parenting, family environment, etc. As a private educational tutor, I plan to utilize the understandings and knowledge I have gained to better meet the needs of my adolescent students.’

  • Become a Tour Guide

    ‘I spent over a year trying to land a job as a tour guide with no luck before I enrolled on to your course. All of the modules were very informative, easy to follow and enjoyable and thanks to your help I've been offered a job with a leading tour operator. I can't thank you enough! Anybody looking for a tour guide job absolutely NEEDS this course!’

  • Write Your Autobiography

    ‘From one gardener to another. Some six weeks ago I planted myself in your wonderful writing class, from there you took over and helped me grow. You fertilized me with just the right amount to make me bloom, from there you kept me weeded from the insecurities that might creep in and choke out my roots. Your soil is rich and deep so that I may fluorish for years to come, your skies always sunny and bright so that I will try to grow tall and strong.’

  • Management and Supervision II

    ‘I want to thank you for this course, it was very interesting to me. This was my first course online and I would recommend it to anyone. You were very informative and attentive to your student's discussion. I have recommended this course to both City and County officials for their employees and supervisors.’

  • Complete Reason

    ‘Overall - very well presented, illustrated and explained - a course covering this much content is a worthwhile investment, and the hints and tips have proved to be very useful.’