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  • Lightroom 4 Fundamentals

    ‘This is the first online course that I have ever taken. I was very impressed at the professionalism and level of course detail. I have been telling everyone how great an experience it has been. There was also much more work and time required than I expected, but it was appropriate for the level of course detail.’

  • Chemistry Fundamentals

    ‘Thank you, Holly! This course has helped me tremendously, and I now feel more confident in my chemistry knowledge. I now feel more prepared for a college chemistry course, and I have you to thank!’

  • Managing Life as a Single Parent

    ‘Appreciated the applications of this course. Helped me when my daughter's father came to visit again....we live in a different territory and he flew up for two days. His last visit was two and a half months ago and he stayed with us again. I was still emotional and distressed for a few moments on a break at work, but overall, I fared better this time. His visit was also shorter this time. May factors involved, but I felt stronger this time, I thanked him for taking time to spend with our daughter.’

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 for Teachers

    ‘I felt this course was helpful to me. I gained some tools to make my presentations come alive! In addition, I printed the lessons to use in the future.’

  • Spanish in the Classroom

    ‘I have taken many Spanish language courses without much success - even Rosetta Stone. However, I have learned more from this course than all the others put together. I now have a more comprehensive grasp on the Spanish language. I can easily read and understand Spanish television programs and general Spanish signs I see every day. This is a great course that I would encourage anyone who is interested in learning Spanish to take. I'm not a teacher, but I have always wanted to learn Spanish. Thanks so much! I believe I will continue to learn Spanish much faster and easier now that I've taken this course. Again, thanks!’