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Kickstart your dreams of running a successful dog grooming business with this fantastic value bundle course. Study our two top selling animal courses and save hundreds on your course fees.
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Quick Facts

  • Flexible Online Learning
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • Diploma & Certificate
  • Tutor Support
  • Assignment,Quizes & Practical
  • 302 Students
On Sale NZD $1,058.94

What's it all about?

How would you like a professional groomer with over 20 years of experience to come into your home and teach you all the skills, tips and secrets to launch your Dog Grooming career?  That's what you'll experience when you enrol in this online Dog Grooming Diploma Course Bundle.  It's very possible, with dedication and commitment that your success will be achieved in just a few months, taking you from trainee to professional in no time at all!

Combining our two top selling courses Dog Grooming Diploma and Dog Behaviour and Training Certificate this course bundle not only offers great value, but delivers extensive content invaluable when launching your own dog grooming business. As the course of choice by students who have launched businesses, their success stories are a true testament to what can be achieved.


This course is great as it covers more topics and information related to dog grooming than any other course on offer. I feel that I will have a broader knowledge of what issues and problems that I will come across during my learning process and into my career in dog grooming, and because of that have better know how in dealing with what situations arise. Also the fact that it gives me the knowledge to fully set up my business from scratch and I feel like I'm one step ahead from others completing different grooming courses. The course was competitively priced which is a bonus, the vibe learning website is very easy to use, and the support from the lecturers is great. I especially like the Facebook group as it allows us to interact with others completing the course, which is a great help in following questions and comments relating to each of the units.

~ Nicole, Broome

How Does It Work?

Delivering a conventional classroom course is time consuming, restrictive and not to mention expensive.  You have limited time to learn, may have to travel long distances and take time away from work to attend.  With this online Dog Grooming Diploma Course Bundle you can study at your own pace, whenever it suits you.  You will have access to a professional Dog Groomer with over 20 years experience to answer your questions and provide feedback on your assessments.  You won't even miss out on those valuable conversations with fellow students when you join our active students only Facebook group and share pictures of your latest practical grooming tasks.  We'll create confidence in you that you never knew you had!  Check out some of our students work in our student galleryYour Dog Grooming career is now well within your reach and no previous experience, education or tools are required!

Course Fast Facts

  • Study Both Dog Grooming Diploma and Dog Behaviour & Training Certificate Independently
  • Over 500 Hours of Extensive Content
  • 1-On-1 Support From A Qualified Groomer
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • 24 Hour Online Support
  • Flexible & Affordable payment Plans
  • Student Discount on Tools With Leading Industry Partner

Whats Involved?

This Dog Grooming Diploma Course Bundle incorporates two courses, each studied indepandantly at your own pace.  With unlimited lifetime access you can also pick up or refer to your course at any time in the future.

The Dog Grooming Diploma is assesed using the following activities:

  • 12 revision quizzes
  • 12 practical tasks
  • 4 written assessments

The Dog Behaviour & Training Certificate is assessed using the following activities:

  • 11 revision quizzes
  • 1 written assessment

What About Practical Tasks?

Practical tasks are optional but highly recomended.  There's no need to source a formal placement as you can practice on your own or friends dogs or like many other students you can advertise for models locally.  Offering your services for free initially is a fantastic way to gain experience.  It's how so many of our students have launched their businesses, aquiring their clients before they even complete their studies! Check out some of our students work in our student gallery

You’ll learn practical skills which will be built on throughout the course via carefully designed tasks including;

  •          Proficiency in canine communication
  •          Full body health assessment
  •          Preparing, bathing and drying each of the many coat types
  •          Scissoring basic shapes and feathers
  •          Hygiene clipping
  •          Full body styling
  •          Full body clipping
  •          Poodle styling
  •          All breed and coat type styling
  •          Building community presence
  •          Marketing and networking your service

Each of the practical and progressive steps are designed to build your skill and confidence as you study. We leave no learning stone unturned whilst giving you the exact skill set to step right into your new life.  The course is designed with student development in mind. We don't just give you a book and expect you to become a dog groomer from it, as some online learning certainly do. We work with you to develop skills and capability that you need to confidently sell your services as a groomer.

Aimed towards learners of all ages, from school leavers, to those going back into study after many years, this course undoubtedly creates dog groomers of the best calibre.  Yes that includes you!

To learn more about what's invloved, including course modules see individual courses Dog Grooming Diploma and Dog Behaviour & Training Certificate.

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Who's the instructor?


Wendy has had over 20 years experience working in animal care. She ran her own successful mobile pet grooming and care business, for many years. Wendy also worked as a veterinary nurse for 14 years. Where she has worked within veter... Read more

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‘I am currently undertaking training with a groomer for two weeks and this course has helped understand what they are doing and how I can do it.’

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The Learning Environment

From the moment that you enrol in Dog Grooming Diploma Course Bundle you will become an integral part of our learning community. You will experience the perks of classroom studies such as chatting by the water cooler or sharing your opinion on a specific task, all in your own home.

Tutor support during your learning is flawless, friendly and encouraging. You will learn from your professional tutor who is not only knowledgeable and highly skilled but is a passionate industry expert. Our ethos is that if you succeed, we succeed. As with any studies, learning can be intense, yet you will soon realise that your hard work and commitment will be both personally and professionally rewarding.

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With Vibe Learning we believe that education should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn. That's why we offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Investing in your future is a smart choice and doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you choose our money saving upfront prices or flexible payment plans, studying is accessible to you.

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We offer a range of options from short 6 week courses through to extensive 12 month courses. Whatever your personal or professional goals, studying online with Vibe Learning provides a rewarding life changing experience which is well within your reach.

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