Hannah Grice

Hannah Grice

"I'm always here to help and am very easy to approach."

Meet Hannah Grice, the passionate owner and head groomer behind The Dog House, a charming boutique dog grooming establishment. With a wealth of experience and accolades under her belt, Hannah's journey into the world of grooming began with her beloved Poodles, Ivy and Raven, who not only stole her heart but also propelled her to success in grooming and obedience competitions.

Certified through Heiniger Academy and mentored by renowned groomers like Tiarne Perkiss and Christine Speerin, Hannah brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to her teaching endeavors. Whether guiding students through our online courses or presenting grooming video tutorials, she ensures a supportive and constructive learning environment every step of the way.

Drawing from her own experiences of diving headfirst into the grooming world, Hannah understands the value of hands-on training and personalised feedback. As your instructor, she'll be by your side, offering guidance and encouragement to help you graduate with the skills and confidence needed to excel in professional dog grooming.

With Hannah, you're not just gaining a mentor; you're joining a supportive community where questions are welcomed, and learning never stops. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your skills, Hannah is here to help you unleash your grooming potential.