Fom home businesses and mobile groomers to employed professionals and passionate hobbyists. Here, we present a selection of individuals who have graciously shared their remarkable journeys with us.

Meet Jodi Gooding

Jodi joined us back in May 2020, driven by her deep affection for dogs and a burning desire to establish her own business. To kickstart her journey, she transformed her garage into a charming Balinese-style hut, where she diligently honed her grooming skills on the dogs of friends and family. Gradually, through letterbox drops and word of mouth, she attracted a growing clientele.

Fast forward to today, Jodi is the proud owner of Transfurmations Grooming, which has flourished beyond expectations. She recently expanded her business by renovating her home and creating a stunning salon space. The tranquil and inviting ambiance provides a delightful grooming experience for both Jodi and her furry clients.


Meet Nicole Scott

From a student to the proud owner of Pawfection Pet Service - Dog Grooming, Nicole's journey has been an exhilarating one.

The desire to be her own boss has always burned within Nicole, especially considering her nomadic lifestyle and her imminent plans of starting a family. During her travels, fate led her to cross paths with a remarkable lady who happened to be a skilled groomer. It was in that moment that she knew, without a doubt, that dog grooming was the perfect fit for her.

Not only did it align with her aspirations, but it also granted her the opportunity to work alongside her most cherished creatures - dogs! And so, armed with a diploma and a 10-month-old bundle of joy, Nicole embarked on her entrepreneurial journey.

Setting up her business from the comfort of her own home allowed her the flexibility she craved, while still being able to adapt to her ever-changing locations. With the business officially registered since the end of October, each passing week has brought her newfound success and satisfaction. Her confidence flourished when consistently working with furry clients week after week.

"I am grateful for the path I have chosen, as it has given me the freedom to pursue my passions while accommodating the various chapters of my life. The joy of running my own dog grooming business is immeasurable, and I look forward to the continued growth and prosperity that lies ahead." Nicole.

Meet Lisa Grant

After dedicating 35 years to the insurance industry, Lisa finally decided to pursue her long-held dream of starting a dog grooming business. The leap she took turned out to be a life-changing decision she has never regretted. By converting a spare bedroom in her house into a dedicated grooming space, Lisa successfully established 'Lisa's House of Dogs,' a venture that brings her immense fulfillment and prosperity.

Lisa studied with us back in 2019, and has remained closely connected ever since. Her expertise and experience are now featured in our dog grooming courses through her video series titled 'At Home With Lisa.' In these insightful videos, she generously shares her personal journey towards becoming a professional groomer. Lisa takes viewers on a tour of her beautifully designed grooming salon, acquainting them with the tools and equipment she utilizes. Her guidance serves as a valuable resource for new students embarking on their own grooming journeys.

Furthermore, Lisa actively participates in our Student Facebook Group, just like many of our esteemed graduates. She readily offers her knowledge, answering questions, and providing unwavering support to fellow students. Lisa's dedication to empowering others showcases the strong sense of camaraderie and community that thrives within our grooming community.

Meet Kelly Wright

Back in 2015, Kelly made the decision to pursue her lifelong dream of owning a dog grooming business. With unwavering determination, she enrolled in a Dog Grooming Diploma. Upon graduating, she wasted no time and established her own business called Groomed By Kelly, initially starting part-time.

Word of Kelly's exceptional grooming skills spread like wildfire, resulting in a rapid influx of clients. The demand grew so rapidly that Kelly soon found herself extending her working hours to full-time, offering a comprehensive range of services. From pet clips to bath and blow drys, deshedding, and nails, she ensured that every grooming need was met with utmost care and expertise.

Meet Julie Bezemer

With a humble beginning, Julie embarked on her journey by setting up a basic grooming setup at home, extending her services to the beloved dogs of friends and family. Determined to turn her passion into a thriving business, she founded Puppy Waves. Through pure word of mouth, Julie's organically attracted numerous clients.

As her reputation grew, Julie found herself tending to the grooming needs of dozens of dogs on a regular basis. Balancing her commitment to her business, she cleverly structured her schedule to work two days a week, perfectly aligning with her other business commitments. This arrangement allowed her to provide exceptional care to her furry clients while effectively managing her other professional endeavors.

Meet Alyson Bratt

In April 2021, Alyson mustered up the courage to open her own salon, aptly named Scrub Woofers Dog Grooming. Nervously stepping into this new chapter of her life, she harbored concerns about acquiring enough clients. To hedge her bets, she decided to maintain her two part-time jobs while launching her business. However, the unexpected happened: within a mere two weeks, her appointment book overflowed, leaving her with no choice but to bid farewell to her other employment commitments.

Alyson's success quickly became evident as she earned a remarkable 5 out of 5-star rating on her Facebook page. Her clients couldn't resist showcasing the transformation of their beloved dogs through the countless professionally groomed pictures posted on her page. The visual testament to her skill and dedication attracted a growing audience and solidified her reputation as a top-notch groomer.

Today, Alyson proudly stands as a flourishing entrepreneur, having surpassed her initial worries and proven herself as an exceptional dog groomer. Her journey serves as an inspiring example of how talent, determination, and a true love for animals can lead to remarkable success in the grooming industry.

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Meet Amanda Toohey

Amanda's friend was a dog groomer, who she used to watch groom her dogs. At the time, she was contemplating a career change, so decided to enrol in the Dog Grooming Diploma while still working, to see if it was the right path for her. Being able to complete the course at her own own pace, especially since she was a single, working, full-time mum was the real draw card for her.

Amanda approached her groomer friend and asked if she could assist her. Soon enough, she began washing and drying the dogs under her guidance. As she progressed through the course, her friend would demonstrate what she was learning, allowing her to gradually practice on some well-behaved dogs, such as shaving pads and trimming nails.

Currently, Amanda works part-time at a dog grooming and day care facility. However, has recently embarked on her own dog grooming business from the comfort of her own home. On her days off, she will now be working there. With the hope of gaining more clients, her aim is to eventually quit her current job and transition to full-time work from home.

Meet Chloe Berry

The idea of pursuing a career in dog grooming first crossed Chloe's mind when her employers shifted their focus from horse training to building a dog boarding facility. With a strong background in working with animals, dog grooming immediately caught her attention. Unfortunately, attending a physical grooming school wasn't feasible for her due to both her location and financial circumstances. However, she discovered our Dog Grooming Diploma, which allowed her to pursue her studies without having to relocate or change her current employment.

It has been nearly a year since she launched her own mobile grooming business, Chloe's Doggy Doo's. Initially, she started with a trailer, but as her business flourished, she upgraded to a van. Balancing grooming responsibilities while working part-time, she quickly found herself working full-time hours within just six months. The workload often extended beyond regular hours, but she embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.

"Undoubtedly, enrolling with Vibe Learning and embarking on my career as a dog groomer has proven to be the best decision I've ever made. I am immensely grateful that I took that leap, as it has brought me so much satisfaction and fulfillment in my professional life." Chloe.

Meet Leanne White

"My dog grooming journey began when my elderly poodle was refused grooming because he was getting too old and grumpy. I thought wow what am I to do? I will try and learn myself… so my journey begins! I enjoyed every aspect of the course as it gave me more knowledge to groom effectively and having a Shih Tzu and now a Maltese it gives me the freedom to practice when necessary to a point where I am quite confident to groom.

I don’t have a business but that was my intent initially after a redundancy  but I just help others out at times and of course groom my own dogs. I guess you could call it my Hobby."

Meet Brooklyn Turner

Brooklyn, one of our remarkable success stories, truly embodies inspiration and determination. Despite her young age, she accomplished an incredible feat by graduating with her Dog Grooming Diploma while simultaneously completing her Year 12 studies at school. Building upon her educational foundation, she took the initiative to establish a part-time grooming salon right in the comfort of her own home.

Eager to gain further practical experience, Brooklyn seized an opportunity and secured a grooming position at a small, family-owned salon. Her expertise shines as she specialises in Asian Fusion and Teddy Bear grooming styles, showcasing her unique skills and artistic flair.

Brooklyn's unwavering dedication and drive have propelled her forward, making her a shining example of what can be achieved through passion and hard work. Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring groomers of all ages, illustrating that age is never a barrier to pursuing one's dreams and excelling in the grooming industry.