Meet Alyson Bratt

Meet Alyson Bratt, the proud owner of Scrub Woofers Dog Grooming. 

Alyson's journey into the world of dog grooming was sparked by the love of her two Labradoodles and a Cavoodle. In our conversation, Alyson shares her transition from a complete novice to launching her own grooming salon.

Alyson, what motivated you to pursue dog grooming?

The idea of working as a dog groomer had always intrigued me, especially with my furry companions at home. It was my Labradoodles and Cavoodle that truly ignited my interest to help me in learning more about grooming them.

During your studies, did you gain practical experience?

I sought out opportunities to gain hands-on experience, from assisting in a grooming salon as a bather/dryer to spending time in a vet's grooming room. I even shadowed a mobile groomer for a day, though I realised mobile grooming wasn't my calling. It dawned on me that having my own salon would allow me to approach grooming in a different way to what I had seen in other salons.

What was it like launching your own salon?

After completing the Dog Grooming Bundle, I opened Scrub Woofers. Initially, I was nervous about attracting clients. I juggled my new venture alongside two part-time jobs, but the demand for grooming services at my salon grew rapidly. Eventually, I had to bid farewell to my other jobs to accommodate the influx of clients. In those initial weeks, I gained invaluable experience, honing my skills and boosting my confidence with each groom. The positive feedback and tips from satisfied customers were the icing on the cake.

Have you encountered any challenging grooms?

Absolutely! One memorable experience was grooming a large Labradoodle who had never been to a groomer. He was a tangle of knots, debris, and overgrown nails. It was a learning experience from start to finish. I realised the importance of adapting my grooming process and investing in better equipment, like a Hydro bath. Despite the challenges, I persevered and came out more knowledgeable and capable in the end.


Thanks Alyson for sharing your story with us! Alyson graduated from our Dog Grooming Bundle in April 2021.

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