Dog Grooming Diploma - Career Options

Start your career as a professional dog groomer

There are simply not enough qualified dog groomers to meet dog owner's needs and this provides an opening in the market. Which is exactly why, when qualified as a dog groomer, your future is bright.

As a professional dog groomer you will have many options.  The most common reason that people join our training is for a career change.  The prospect of becoming self-employed is an attractive one for most of us, so why not twin it with something that you love?

Your working day will never be the same twice.  There will always be a different dog in your care which never, ever gets boring for a dog lover.

If you choose self-employment you will be your own boss. No targets, no time restraints and no-one to dictate your days. You could choose to invest in basic equipment to begin with and simply travel to people’s homes to groom their dogs.  You might decide to start your own mobile business or buy into a franchise which provides a van and equipment.  There are plenty of options open to you after successful completion of this course.  Even perhaps investing in your own salon!

As a self-employed dog groomer you set your own hours, you decide when you work and when you take time off so you are in control.  No more allowing someone else to dictate your time or how you work, every decision is yours.  So if you want to take a coffee break with a half groomed dog on your knee then you can do that or if you want to plan for a month off then you can do that too. There really is no life like it.

Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile dog grooming can take two forms. The first one is the act of travelling to the home of the dog with equipment and grooming the animal in his/her own home. With this option there will be a need for less equipment, for the initial business set up, as you will use the washroom of your client's home.

The second option, which is becoming increasingly popular, is that of a mobile grooming van. This type of dog groomer goes along to the home of the dog but yet grooms the pet in a vehicle outside of their home. The vehicle is a fully equipped grooming salon on wheels and usually only uses electricity from within the client’s home via a single plug.


As dog grooming becomes more popular some companies offer franchising to potential dog groomers. The franchise can take many forms and varies in cost. Some companies help with the set-up up and even provide a grooming van in return for an initial fee and a large percentage of the business income.

With others the groomer buys the van but pays a small percentage of the business income for the support, reputation and advertising assistance of a large company. This option usually requires a considerable start-up cost, yet it is often less than carrying out an independent small business start-up. The pay-off for lower initial cost is that the groomer often have to enter into a contractual agreement and also pay the host company a percentage of their income.

Some companies offer franchise opportunities within static premises, whilst others offer the chance to hire a grooming table in a salon similarly to how hairdressers hire out chairs. This is a lower risk and less expensive start-up option as it does not involve a big initial monetary deposit.

Open a Salon

Opening a specifically designed grooming salon will need a lot more monetary outlay to some of the other options. The options are to buy or rent a shop that is already kitted out or buy an already functioning grooming business.

A shop created from scratch is probably every dog groomers dream. If a potential groomer has the financial ability to do this, along with the desire to create a business rather than enter into the profession on a simpler self-employed basis, then this might be a good option.

Otherwise it could be an option for the future whilst following one of the less expensive routes first.

Working at Home

If you choose to work from home you will need to set up a fully functional grooming space that is set aside for grooming in much the same way as a salon. This will ensure that you work as a professional despite your location.

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