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It might sound unique, but studying dog grooming online is actually easier than you would think, since you can work at your own pace without getting held up by others like you would in a traditional classroom environment.  The other unique benefit of this online dog grooming course is that you will learn from an expert groomer and gain one-on-one feedback from your mentor Hannah who is a qualified dog groomer herself.

There are 12 modules included in this course each with a different optional practical task to complete. Practical tasks are encouraged, however are not compulsory and therefore do not form part of your final mark.

There are so many organisations that will welcome a groomer in training who is studying a responsible course such as this one. You can;

  • Groom your own dog or dogs of your family and friends.
  • Approach local rescue centres and shelters. The dogs in their care all benefit from extra attention and are often desperate for human contact. This is also a great way to build your portfolio and CV.
  • Advertise through local veterinary surgeries, social media and pet stores for canine models, which will quickly become regular paying customers.
  • Contact local grooming salons and spend some time volunteering for them. Most groomers welcome an extra pair of hands and those that work alone will enjoy the company.

There is certainly no need to pay to gain practical experience. We show you how to become qualified at a fraction of the cost of many training providers.

You will begin by learning how to carry out a careful yet thorough canine health check as every dog groomer should. You then move through stages of learning until you are completely happy to groom any dog breed with confidence.

We show you how to locate canine models and how to carry out risk free, progressive practical dog grooms that leave you with happy clients and smart dogs.

We will teach you skills which will be built on throughout the course. Practical learning via carefully designed tasks include;

  • Proficiency in canine communication
  • Full body health assessment
  • Preparing, bathing and drying each of the many coat types
  • Scissoring basic shapes and feathers
  • Hygiene clipping
  • Full body styling
  • Full body clipping
  • Poodle styling
  • All breed and coat type styling
  • Building community presence
  • Marketing and networking your service

Each of the practical and progressive steps are designed to build your skill and confidence as you study. We leave no learning stone unturned whilst giving you the exact skill set to step right into your new life.  The course is designed with student development in mind. We don't just give you a book and expect you to become a dog groomer from it, as some online learning certainly do. We work with you to develop skills and capability that you need to confidently sell your services as a groomer.

Aimed towards learners of all ages, from school leavers, to those going back into study after many years, this course undoubtedly creates dog groomers of the best calibre.  Yes that includes you!

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‘I have been grooming my own two dogs for years and decided to do the Certificate in Dog Grooming course. So glad I did as I've learnt so much during from the course including breed types, shapes, grooming techniques and so much more. correct technique’

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