Course Outline for Explore a Cruise Ship Career

Module 1 - Introduction to the Industry

Module 2 - Cruise Ship Types

Module 3 - Cruise Line Profiles

Module 4 - The Passenger

Module 5 - Cruise Geography

Module 6 - Ports of Call

Module 7 - Nautical Times & Time Zones

Module 8 - Cruise Terminology

Module 9 - Hierarchy of a Cruise Ship

Module 10 - Master Rules & Regulations

Module 11 - Living Onboard

Module 12 - Working Onboard

Module 13 - Customer Service at Sea

Module 14 - Health & Safety Onboard

Module 15 - Safety & Emergency Equipment

Module 16 - Procedures & Drills

Module 17 - Security & Port Authorities

Module 18 - Essential Skills at Sea

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‘I found the Cruise Ship course very helpful and interesting. I had so many questions about what working on a cruise ship is like and what it entails. This course definitely gave me some insight and I am really looking forward to life at sea! I also enjoyed learning more about the cruise ship industry as I knew nothing about it previously. I want to thank you for putting this course together and helping someone like me get a better understanding of what to expect and what to look forward to. Thank you.’

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