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I found the Cruise Ship course very helpful and interesting. I had so many questions about what working on a cruise ship is like and what it entails. This course definitely gave me some insight and I am really looking forward to life at sea! I also enjoyed learning more about the cruise ship industry as I knew nothing about it previously. I want to thank you for putting this course together and helping someone like me get a better understanding of what to expect and what to look forward to. Thank you.
Thank you for allowing me to get a wonderful glimpse into the Cruise Ship Industry and life at sea! I found the course to be most intriguing, very informative, educational, and an excellent resource for an insight into what is expected of crewmembers, passenger expectations and the rank and file and much more. I tried to limit myself to doing one module/day, so I could get 100% on each test, but alas, I became so drawn into each section, (one day I did three modules), that I had to actually force myself to minimize the course so it would not consume my entire day! I couldn’t bring myself to close it out … so I just minimized it each day! This course not only heightened my desire to sail the seven seas, but to travel the world, (before humans destroy it) … making each cruise a magnificent excursion, leaving guests with a lasting impression to treasure for a lifetime! Thank you so much again … I’m underway!!!
Allow me to congratulate you for this wonderful course. I found the course very interesting, condensed, covers all areas and very easy to digest. Within a maximum of 10 days anyone can finish the course and I would recommend it to everybody interested in working on a cruise ship. I have learned many things that can be applied not only in the cruise line industry but in everyday life and it will definitely help me secure a position in the cruise industry.
My compliments about the Cruise Ship course. I learned a lot from the course and it was a great help in getting my current position with Royal Caribbean aboard the Majesty of the Seas.
I just want to say...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I completed the Cruise Ship course in July and got 93% score, it has helped me get an interview with Starboard Cruises next month! I am looking forward to it and am very prepared. I would recommend the course to anyone who is serious about gaining employment on a ship and gaining this qualification will help me be one step ahead of the competition.
Just a quick note to thank you for your very helpful program. I have nearly completed the Cruise Ship course and I must say it helped a lot when applying for a job with a cruise line. They were impressed I knew so much about the industry already! Here we are: I will embark on the 7th of February on the Bleu de France, based in Santo Domingo...l'aventure commence!!!
I spent more than a year and half looking for shipboard employment with no luck before I enrolled on to your Cruise Ship course. All of the modules were so interesting and very informative, easy to follow and comprehend. I have now been offered a position as ITV Specialist with Celebrity Cruises and I cannot fully express my inner feelings for this great opportunity. To all those whose intention is to work in a Cruise Ship, I fully recommend this course so that one could be well versed prior to being hired in a Cruise Ship. Thanks for developing such a meaningful and wonderful course.

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