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Product Reviews | Writing Successful Business Plans | Vibe Learning

Product reviews for Writing Successful Business Plans

I can't begin to tell you how much this course has helped me. For the last 14 years, I have been shying away from writing a "Business Plan." After having everything in place, I still had not written a plan, but alas, now it's done. I just have to refine and get it to read and present professionally.
Verified Student
I finally have a three-dimensional package and not just a "thought."
Verified Student
I have a small business and thought I would take this class to start up something new. I now have the knowledge that I would need to tackle that feat. During the lesson on customers, I spider webbed an idea to make my business more customer centric. I simply offered another low overhead service to my largest client. The spider web exercise led to three large markets opening up for me. I am now projecting to gross last year's income times 4. What an investment! Thanks again for the great ideas.
Verified Student
My business plan has been a struggle for me; however, I knew the importance of creating my own. Since completing the class and having the printed material to refer to, I know I will have a final first draft that will be useful, inspiring, and a true picture of my company. The class has provided incredible direction to great informational websites that would have taken me endless hours to locate on my own. I'd like to thank Carol for her excellent presentation and material.
Verified Student
Our Business Plan was praised by our lender, who helped provide necessary funding. The Plan proved extremely helpful in ensuring that we considered all the bases before we opened.
Verified Student
The course brought up important professional and personal isues. It has been an extraordinary experience and one that I never would have anticipated. It has made a monumental difference in my life and marriage - giving me confidence and energy to move forward in pursuit of my vision.
Verified Student
The course was much more than I expected. It taught me much more than how to write a business plan. The course/instructor taught me how to think like an entrepreneur and gave me great advice on how to make my business successful. I was clueless about starting my own business before I completed this course, now I am confident and focused.
Verified Student
The scariest part about starting my own business was giving my two-week notice, but with all of the preparation that is shown through our plan, I think it's now going to be the most exciting part.
Verified Student
This was a great course and as a business owner, I had an opportunity to see how I could have approached my business differently - do more research about the business and funding.
Verified Student
This was a great way to open ones eyes to the realities of becoming an entrepreneur. No one should go into a new business without going through something similar to what this course has to offer. Thank you very much.
Verified Student

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