Course Outline for Flight Attendant / Cabin Crew

Module 1 - The Aviation Industry

Module 2 - Types of Airlines

Module 3 - Regulatory Authorities

Module 4 - Geography

Module 5 - Airport Codes

Module 6 - Times & Time Zones

Module 7 - Aviation Terminology

Module 8 - Aircraft Familiarisation

Module 9 - Theory of Flight

Module 10 - Health & Safety

Module 11 - Safety & Emergency Procedures

Module 12 - Crew Resource Management

Module 13 - Dangerous Goods

Module 14 - Uniform Grooming

Module 15 - Airport & Ground Procedures

Module 16 - Ticketing

Module 17 - Customer Service

Module 18 - Catering & Products

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‘Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this course. I’m proud with the overall result of my grades and most specially the knowledge that this course has given me from every module I’ve taken up. Thank you Ruth, for the Interview Guide you sent me, I’m sure it will help me a lot in applying for jobs as Cabin Crew. I am very happy for the knowledge and information you and the course have given me, so I have to say Thank you again and I’m hoping to hear from you again.’

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