Course Outline for Flight Attendant / Cabin Crew

Module 1 - The Aviation Industry

Module 2 - Types of Airlines

Module 3 - Regulatory Authorities

Module 4 - Geography

Module 5 - Airport Codes

Module 6 - Times & Time Zones

Module 7 - Aviation Terminology

Module 8 - Aircraft Familiarisation

Module 9 - Theory of Flight

Module 10 - Health & Safety

Module 11 - Safety & Emergency Procedures

Module 12 - Crew Resource Management

Module 13 - Dangerous Goods

Module 14 - Uniform Grooming

Module 15 - Airport & Ground Procedures

Module 16 - Ticketing

Module 17 - Customer Service

Module 18 - Catering & Products

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‘I would like to say thank you to the Cabin Crew team for giving me the opportunity to do this very useful course. I gained useful knowledge about the airline industry and can thoroughly recommend the course to any aspiring cabin crew. I have now been accepted by Emirates and I am sure that your diploma went a long way to helping me get there. Before I started the course I was a little sceptical about the value of doing the course but when I saw the course content I realised how relevant it was and helped me gain valuable knowledge. I would urge anyone interested in a career as a flight attendant to seriously consider this course’

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