Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol?

Click ‘Enrol Now’, create your Vibe learning account and enter your payment details. You’ll receive confirmation of your payment and account immediately.

Why do I need to create an account when I enrol?

This is how you will access your course, making your sign up simple and straightforward.

Do I need a Paypal account to pay for my course?

No. Paypal just processes the payment securely for you; there is no need for you to set up a Paypal account. All major credit/debit cards are accepted.

How long will it take to process my enrolment after I’ve enrolled?

For the majority of our courses there are no processing times, so you can access your learning platform immediately! Your enrolment confirmation email will confirm all of these details.

How are your prices so low?

We actually get this question a lot! Unlike many other providers who considerably inflate their fees, our aim is to provide quality courses at the lowest possible prices, therefore giving everyone the opportunity to learn;

Can I enrol in more than one course?

Yes and many people do. Simply click enrol on each course that you would like to study and this will add the courses to your cart.

Are there any age limits or restrictions?

No. We welcome all ages; however if you’re under 16 and using a parent or guardians credit card, please make sure you have their permission!

When do the courses start?

The start dates for each course are displayed on the course description page.

Do I have to start my course on the advertised start date?

No. If a course displays a specific start date, you will gain access to the learning platform straight away.  Here you can go through the orientation and familiarise yourself with the platform. Once the start date lapses you will gain access to two lessons a week, for six weeks. You can study at your own pace; however we do recommend that you complete each lesson within two weeks of its release so that you manage to complete the course within the 8 week access period.  If your course doesn't show a start date, you can start as soon as you receive your course logins.

Can I download the materials?

Yes, the majority of our courses are fully downloadable.

What kind of assignments will I have to complete?

You will complete multiple choice quizzes, short answer questions and summary exams/test which confirm your understanding of the subject.

Do I need any additional materials?

No. Although some courses may recommend particular software downloads that will assist in your learning experience. This will be mentioned on the course description page.

Can I get an extension?

We do not offer course extensions for the majority of our courses. The course access period is displayed on each course description page under ‘Quick Facts’.

Can I swap my course if I change my mind?

No. Once enrolled you cannot change courses, so please be sure that you choose the right course! Refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Can I get a refund if I want to cancel my course?

No refunds are available once the terms and conditions have been accepted and online access to your course has been provided.

How long do I get to complete my course?

Each course differs. To check out how long each course is, look at the ‘Quick Facts’ section on the course description page.

What do I get after I complete my course?

You will receive a printable copy of your certificate. The level of your certificate is shown on the course description page, under ‘Quick Facts’.

Do you have classroom courses as well?

No, we only offer online courses.

Are your courses nationally recognised?

No. We’re not a Registered Training Organisation and we don’t pretend to be! With our courses, it’s not just about the piece of paper you receive at the end. Our courses are developed and delivered by industry experts allowing them to share their years of knowledge and experience with you in fun and engaging ways at really affordable prices.

Why don’t you offer nationally recognised courses?

Because not everyone is ready to commit to spending thousands of dollars on an online course and quite frankly sometimes you just don’t need to! Vibe Learning’s vision is ‘To Empower People with Knowledge and Change the Way the World learns’ and learning to us is all about the experience. The more you enjoy the experience the more you will get out of it!

Do you have government funding?

No. Because we are not a Registered Training Organisation we are not eligible for any government funding. Our affordable prices compensate for this though.

Can I use this course to gain entry into university?

No, our courses are not nationally recognised and won’t provide you with any credits into University.

Who can I speak to if I have any questions?

Once enrolled you will be told who your tutor is. Your tutor can help with any course specific questions; alternatively you can contact for any other questions.

What tutor support is available?

Every course has an expert tutor who will answer questions and guide you every step of the way. View all of our tutors.

I live outside of Australia can I still enrol?

Yes! We have students studying with us from all over the world.

Do you organise visas for me to be able to study in Australia?

No we do not organise study visas nor are our students eligible to apply for any visas after studying our courses.

Are there any additional costs involved other than the course fees displayed online?

No, the price you see is the price you pay!

Are there any time limits on the courses?

Yes, make sure you read the course access information in the ‘Quick Facts’ section of each course description before enrolling.