Interested in studying a Pet Grooming course in Australia?

With a population of 23,678,910 people, Australia has a strong demand for workers in Pet Grooming. Studying Pet Grooming with Vibe Learning will see you joining a learning community with like-minded students and engaging with industry experts to learn real world skills.

Are there many jobs in Pet Grooming in Australia?

Current employment trends shows that employment in Australia is rising and is expected to grow through 2017. There are currently 290,725 job vacancies in Australia. The unemployment rate in Australia is 6.0%.

What earning potential is there for me in Pet Grooming?

The median hourly rate for Pet Grooming is $22.11. A career in Pet Grooming can expect to earn between $31,478 and $45,715 per year.

What are my career opportunities in Pet Grooming?

  • Pet Groomer
  • Animal Stylist
  • Grooming Salon Owner
  • Groomers Assistant
  • Doggie Daycare Owner
  • Mobile Groomer
  • Kennel Worker
  • Pet Care Specialist
  • Animal Shelter Worker
  • Cattery Owner
  • Cattery Worker

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