Course Outline for Complete Ableton Live

Module 1 - Introduction to the Course and Live Basic Concepts

Module 2 - Playing Audio Clips in Session View Mode

Module 3 - How to Create and Edit MIDI Clips

Module 4 - Moving From Session to Arrangement View - From Playing to Producing

Module 6 - Processing Audio - Basic Compression and Filtering

Module 7 - Building a Drum Track

Module 8 - Mixing a Track

Module 9 - DJing with Live

Module 10 - Basic Sampling

Module 11 - Introduction to Synthesising

Module 12 - Basic Mastering

Module 13 - More on MIDI - MIDI Controlling and Effects

Module 14 - Introduction to Device Racks

Module 15 - Introduction to the Course and Advanced Mixing

Module 16 - Sidechaining

Module 17 - Advanced Audio Clip Editing

Module 18 - Advanced Sampling - Sampler

Module 19 - Advanced Synthesizing I - Analogue

Module 20 - Advanced Synthesizing II - Operator

Module 21 - Advanced Synthesizing III - Operator continued

Module 22 - Advanced Racks

Module 23 - Advanced FX II - Vocoder and Grain Delay

Bonus Module - Advanced Performance Techniques/Working with Looper

Bonus Module 1 - New Features in Live 9

Bonus Module 2 - Advanced MIDI

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‘Hi I purchased the beginner & advanced Ableton courses & I’m almost finished the beginners course and very pleased with it so far. Rob jones explains things properly and easy to understand & if you’re a slow learner like me and like to take your time or hardly ever get time because of work & lose interest to practice on Ableton well no need to worry, you can watch the tutorials whenever you want as many times as you want! and get that inspiration back into you to produce music and keep progressing with it! I’m glad I bought the beginner & advanced because I haven’t had any problems with it and I’m learning a lot from it & Rob or someone from the team email back straight away if you have any questions. I can’t wait to start the advanced course next…by the time I finish I reckon I’ll be able to make tracks on my own!! great work!! thanks rob jones!!’

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