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I've really enjoyed using the courses on Ableton Live, narrated by Rob Jones. He's an excellent teacher; the coursework is divided nicely into manageable segments, with clear instruction. This really was very helpful in understanding the nuances of Ableton. Thanks for making such a great learning resource!
Before the course Ableton Live looked like a maze that was going to take a lot of effort to solve. Thx to the course now I'm composing and creating my music without any problems and in a real pro level. Rob is an amazing teacher that explains clearly every step to handle everything from the very basics to cool advanced techniques. I think every person interested in learning how to use Ableton Live at its max will be really satisfied with the results that you can get from this course. Do it and start creating and having fun !
Both the Beginner and Advanced Live courses are excellent pitched at the right level throughout, they have helped me to get the most out of the software. My participation on the course gave me the confidence to apply, and helped to secure a place on a Sound Technology & Design degree as a mature student, which I hope will allow me to turn my hobby in to a whole new career
Purchasing these courses was a great idea. I have learned so much from them! I also have been able to answer a lot of questions about production when asked. Rob Jones is great at replying if you ever have extra questions
I bought a couple of Live courses when I first got the program a while back and was very happy with it. It covers everything you need to know to start pumping out some tracks and Rob's teaching style very concise which I found helped a lot - I still reference the course from time to time and manage to take something away from it. Their customer service is great too. I messaged the site after having some login issues and they got back to me right away and helped me out. I can't speak much for many of their other products but I definitely recommend their online courses, it'll help you dive in to music production much quicker
Hi I purchased the beginner & advanced Ableton courses & I’m almost finished the beginners course and very pleased with it so far. Rob jones explains things properly and easy to understand & if you’re a slow learner like me and like to take your time or hardly ever get time because of work & lose interest to practice on Ableton well no need to worry, you can watch the tutorials whenever you want as many times as you want! and get that inspiration back into you to produce music and keep progressing with it! I’m glad I bought the beginner & advanced because I haven’t had any problems with it and I’m learning a lot from it & Rob or someone from the team email back straight away if you have any questions. I can’t wait to start the advanced course next…by the time I finish I reckon I’ll be able to make tracks on my own!! great work!! thanks rob jones!!

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