Course Outline for Learn to Write Childrens Story Books

Module 1 - Introduction to Writing Children’s Story Books

Module 2 - Groups and story types

Module 3 - Choosing and developing setting

Module 4 - Developing credible characters

Module 5 - Writing dialogue

Module 6 - Plotting, storyline and theme

Module 7 - Writing for under sevens

Module 8 - Writing for seven to twelve year olds

Module 9 - Writing for teenagers

Module 10 - Writing fantasy and science fiction

Module 11 - Writing non-fiction

Module 12 - Writing drama and screenplays

Module 13 - Writing secrets and successful authors

Module 14 - Insider’s guide to getting published

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‘Absolutely great! I have only completed the first session, but I was so impressed. I had started writing a children's book and realised after the first session, I needed to restart!! Thank you!’

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