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Eva has been the best writing instructor I've ever had, always providing positive guidance without any form of discouragement. A simple "nudge" here and "let me point you in this direction" etc., is quite refreshing from an instructor instead of the raw criticisms that may hinder one's goal to write and share a personal life story. Thank you Eva and thank you classmates.
Eva, you have an extraordinary gift reaching students of all levels. You have much to offer all who want to discover and explore, becoming more aware. As a teacher and writer you have a divine gift and for me this course has been an answer to prayer. I wish I could have taken it 50 years ago.
From one gardener to another. Some six weeks ago I planted myself in your wonderful writing class, from there you took over and helped me grow. You fertilized me with just the right amount to make me bloom, from there you kept me weeded from the insecurities that might creep in and choke out my roots. Your soil is rich and deep so that I may fluorish for years to come, your skies always sunny and bright so that I will try to grow tall and strong.
I think so many people are afraid to take a class like this, but I am living proof that there is nothing scary about the class. I am not very comfortable with the computer, but this class was made very accessable. I enjoyed the instructors upbeat style and encouraging comments. The other added pleasure was having students from all over the place. I thought it was going to be a local student population, so this was a pleasant surprise.
Thank you for this class. It was a great way to interact with others who are struggling to get their words on paper. I found the discussion area particularly helpful. I've also found that I had a lot more to write about than I thought---and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks again.
This has been a wonderful experience. You've really got me writing. My page a day is often two and three. I've loved the interaction in the class.
This was my first online course, and it has been a very positive learning experience. I felt I got my money's worth and had enough time to submit assignments and do lessons. I enjoyed the interaction with the other students as well as with the teacher/friend/encourager Eva. Well done!
You don't know how powerful your positive attitude in your teaching has been to me. I have learned much and have enjoyed the interaction with you and classmates. This format is fantastic and not intimidating in any way. I have begun to think of myself as a writer now and the pages have been flowing on my nonfiction book. Thanks again and I will be taking your Writerrific class soon.
You have given me the start I needed. I've wanted to write my life story for some time, but couldn't figure out where to begin or how to make it interesting to someone else. I believe the comments, encouragement, and stories you and the other class members have shared have been invaluable to me.
A blog post I wrote was on the "Featured" section of this morning. This is the second time I have made the wall since taking your classes. You have really helped me. I don't doubt myself as much anymore. My thoughts are more organized (Thanks to the Bubble Method) and I am almost believing I might be a writer some day. So, just wanted to say thank you!

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