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Great course! I would definitely take another online course from this instructor, she was very helpful and her course was well written! I will be looking to take another course from Tracy!
Great course! Learned a lot of strategies that blended in with things I have done in the past. Instructor was prompt in answering questions. Learned a lot, Thanks.
I absolutely loved this course! It gave me lots of ideas to add to my classroom, as well as ways to increase the effectiveness of things I already do. Tracey's writing style was almost like having an online conversation with a teaching mentor. There were also plenty of links to keep me working for a long time!
I am a recent retiree now returning to the workforce at my dream job. I had not been in a classroom setting in a long time and the course and the instructor were exciting and informative. I never felt overwhelmed and I felt the teacher understood my challenges.
I felt the course was extremely beneficial to me. This year, I have 29 third graders who will learn at their level as a result of this class. Thank you so much!
I found the suggestions on how to implement DI strategies such as cubing, to be extremely helpful. This course was valuable in helping teachers to not only learn about DI, but to incorporate it into the classroom.
I found this class to be one of the most helpful of all the classes I have taken. The instructor breaks the lessons down and gives examples we can use in the classroom. It was great!
I greatly appreciated all of the practical ideas that I could take into my classroom right away. I also liked that the ideas were broken down by elementary, middle and high school. It was nice to see how strategies developed for higher grades could be modified for younger students. Great class!
I have been out of teaching for several years and I am looking to go back in the fall. This class gave me some good ideas to take into my new classroom.
I have enjoyed this course so much! You have inspired me to further my knowledge on this subject. I have accumulated such a wonderful resource and have suggested your course to many of my colleagues. I will definitely take your "Survival Kit for Teachers" course.

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