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I found this course to be very helpful. I took a Spanish class in college, but I learned more from this course than I did in a semester of college. My son is almost sixteen and has taken many years of Spanish, and I was able to impress him with my new knowledge. Great Job, I was honestly not expecting to come away with much from this short course. I can actually communicate with my son and others. This is awesome for all teachers. Thank you!
I have taken many Spanish language courses without much success - even Rosetta Stone. However, I have learned more from this course than all the others put together. I now have a more comprehensive grasp on the Spanish language. I can easily read and understand Spanish television programs and general Spanish signs I see every day. This is a great course that I would encourage anyone who is interested in learning Spanish to take. I'm not a teacher, but I have always wanted to learn Spanish. Thanks so much! I believe I will continue to learn Spanish much faster and easier now that I've taken this course. Again, thanks!
I really enjoyed this class because the instructor gave me useful information in how to communicate with Spanish-speaking relatives whenever I will need to contact them via phone and meet with them in person. A traditional Spanish textbook alone cannot offer such specifics. I also found the supplemental texts (i.e. internet games) to be fun and relevant to learning
This was a fun class. I liked the way the instructor used a 'storyline' of students to make it applicable. I definitely would take another one of her courses
I enjoyed this course! I used a tremendous amount of the information in my class with my intermediate students and they loved it too! Thank you!
I really enjoyed this course and felt that it built a good foundation for Spanish within the classroom setting. I felt the matching games and links were particularly useful in helping to remember words. The scenarios with the ongoing characters throughout the course proved to be very helpful as well, providing real life situations to use Spanish.
This was my first online course and it was great! I really enjoyed this course and felt that it was set up in a way that was easy to navigate through and understand!
Excellent course! Informative and useful in my classroom. Thanks!
The instructor was very positive and upbeat. She presented our lessons with humor and good examples. Her illustrations and examples helped my language acquisition and desire to keep learning. Learning a new language is hard, but she was very positive and sympathetic and kept us going!
If high school Spanish was presented in this 'useful," user-friendly way, instead of the "verbs-rule" method, more students might stay involved! The lessons were easy to understand and very relevant to classroom use!

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