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This course was great! Very interesting. I am glad I took it.
It’s a very good course for busy people. It was very helpful, boosted my confidence. My attitude towards math has changed because of this course. Thank you.
A very well done course!
To help me pass the Pharmacy Tech exam I took this course to refresh what I learned in a continuing education class. This course did that and then some. I am looking for a job and I am excited to get started in a new career. Thank you!
This was a good class and I liked the way the instructor seemed very real, personable; almost as if we were in an actual classroom.
Medical math was exactly what I was looking for. Each problem was explained in detail. I copied the chapters and I could practice, practice, practice, until I knew it perfectly.
This was an excellent course and I will definitely recommend it to students who are interested in pharmacy tech, paramedic, or nursing.
I felt that the instructor did a very thorough job explaining mathematical concepts and formulae that are present in health care jobs that require math. My confidence soared during this course, as I have always been intimidated by any kind of math beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their math skills both at work and outside of work. Thank you, Ben!
I loved this course and I think the teacher did an awesome job. I liked the class because you can take the quizzes as many times as you like, you can print all your stuff out and use it to help you learn the material. I liked the professor because he answered the questions quickly. The discussion area was nice because it allowed the students and the professor to help you. I would recommend this course to anyone that is going into nursing or anyone that is working in the medical field.
I wanted to say thank you for your great class. I think this is a great course for any one going into the medical field.  It helped to build my confidence and introduced me to some concepts I wasn't expecting, I learned many new things.  I wasn't sure what to expect going into the class, but I feel it was worth the time, effort and money to participate and take the class.  The saying: you don't know what you don't know helps to summarize what I thought at the end of the class. It opened my eyes to how much more I should learn about dosage calculations and all of the considerations that go into determining dosages for different types of medications and different types of patients.
A great variety of subject matter that I feel was relevant was covered as thoroughly as possible in the amount of time given, great organization of information, thank you for offering this class.

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