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This particular class was exactly what I needed to get an overall view of the medical administrative part of this field.  The material that you provided is just a wealth of information, and your teaching style is very effective. I recently interviewed for two positions at my local hospital (affiliated with the cancer clinic where I volunteer)! Your class gave me that extra bit of knowledge and confidence that I needed to even apply for the positions!  I will continue my education in this field, and I want to sincerely thank you once again for making this valuable education venue possible.
This course has cleared up all my confusion about billing and the medical office environment. I took several courses at a local community college, and even though I excelled in grades, it didn't make sense. The professor uses everyday language as a door opener and eased us through any intimidation of learning something new. The instructions were clear and concise and encouraging to learn more. Thank you.
I am 44 years old and hold an MA and a BA. I recently took a nearly year-long Medical Coding course at a local Community College. This course and Ms. Dalgleish's teaching methods was better than the Medical Coding course I took. I learned more and developed more of an excitement for the field with this course and the materials presented. I strongly recommend this course and this online learning company to anyone thinking of learning and growing.
To an online class participant first-timer like me, I now find taking web classes as a worthwhile endeavor to partake. The instructor’s overall approach displayed an excellent mastery of the subject being taught, a genuine showcase of knowledge and experience-bound skills in the field of administrative medical assisting (and more) and lastly, a good demonstration of an inexhaustible pool of patience.
Thank you for one of the most enjoyable courses I have taken online so far. As an inactive LPN who is considering going back into the medical field I really appreciated all of your invaluable insight. I didn't realize so many non-clinical opportunities are available. I do not want to return to nursing, so I am glad to know I can make a difference behind the scene as well.
This class was exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted to get a feel of what an admin does. With my new knowledge, I plan on taking additional courses.  This class was perfect for me!  Thank you so much, Carline!  This course was easy to understand and yet managed to challenge me.
Thank you for imparting your vast knowledge to us of being an AMA. You made learning about being an AMA so interesting and fun at the same time. I realize that we only touched on the tip of the iceberg, but I have learned so much new information, some of which just boggled my mind. :) However, I am also pleased to report that I passed this course, and I can now use my newfound knowledge to enhance my administrative career. All the best to you as you continue to help others achieve their goals.
Carline, thank you for the interesting learning experience as an AMA. This course was perfect for me and now I am going to move on to the Medical Terminology Course and others. The coding is very intimidating but I am up for the challenge. Thanks again for the great learning experience.
Well... thank you again for such a GREAT course. It actually was the first time I ever took an online class. Was doing pretty good until all that medical coding tripped me up, ha, ha. You made me laugh and I can only guess some of the other participants/students also, with your "lightening ups" in parts of your lessons. : )
I currently have experience in this field, but I wanted to take this course to get a little bit more education on the topic, and I have to say it really paid off. A lot of the things that were covered was very familiar to me, but I also learned a lot of other things as well. This was an awesome class, and it covered a number of different topics, which were very helpful tools to further my career in becoming a medical billing clerk in a children's hospital. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to pursue their career in the medical billing field. The next class I want to take is Medical Terminology, which I think will also benefit me in my career field. Thank you!

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