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I will have a greater understanding of what residents and patients are experiencing and I will be able to more able to know what to do for them.
I currently work with the mentally retarded and some mental health. Our resident's are becoming older, as I have been there 14 years, and I now am more informed in caring for them.
This course has helped me to understand the needs of my patients mental status.
I feel more confident taking care of patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. I have been working with more of these patients in home care so this last lesson was my main focus
The facts and pathophysiology of the diseases was a great review. I am an RN, and I am studying Reiki therapy and the other alternative approaches that were mention is perhaps something I can incorporate into my practice.
I now have a better understanding of mental health issues and various treatments. I will apply this knowledge toward my future career in the health care field. I look forward to caring for patients and understanding their needs and how I may help.
I learned that many factors contribute to one's personality and development therefore we need to be very careful when we give a diagnosis to a patient. Many children have been diagnosed with autism, nonetheless we do not take the time to learn more about it. As a result of this course, I will be more cautious.
Thank you. I was very impressed and thankful for your in-depth research on each chapter and your neutral tone throughout the course.
I especially appreciated all the safety gave me ideas for future clients. I also appreciated the info Integrative Health Options for Caregivers (cognitive restructuring) & Imagery...didn't realize the Imagery (visualization) had that kind of impact on bodies/emotions.
I will now have a certain amount of knowledge in how to deal with patients affected with mental disorders. This course has helped me understand more about the mental illness and will help me in my volunteer job at the hospital where dealing with patients with mental illness is crucial.

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