Course Outline for Discover a Career in Superyachts

Module 1 - Course information

Module 2 - Superyacht types

Module 3 - Superyacht profiles

Module 4 - The charter guests

Module 5 - Superyacht geography

Module 6 - Ports of call

Module 7 - Nautical times and time zones

Module 8 - Superyacht terminology

Module 9 - Hierarchy of superyacht

Module 10 - Master rules and regulations

Module 11 - Living onboard

Module 12 - Working onboard

Module 13 - Customer service at sea

Module 14 - Health and safety onboard

Module 15 - Emergency equipment

Module 16 - Procedures and drills

Module 17 - Security and port authorities

Module 18 - Essential skills at sea

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‘I spent more than a year and half looking for a job on a Superyacht with no luck before I enrolled on to your Superyacht course. All of the modules were interesting and very informative, easy to follow and comprehensive. After taking the tests, I was really excited up and wish you could give me more modules to study and learn! To all those whose intention is to work on superyachts, I fully recommend this course as the quickest way to get hired!’

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