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This class was one of the best online classes I've taken. It flew by. The information was extremely valuable and your comments and experience priceless. Thank you for facilitating and for your positive responsiveness!
Over the past six years I've read a few books on writing, written many ideas down, and have strongly considered doing my own book. This course has given me the courage and knowledge to get the job done.
Thank you so much for all the detailed lessons that you have prepared for us. It was an incredible journey to walk with you and the rest of the class through the writing, editing and publishing process. At this point I am totally inspired!
Lisa, you did such an abundance of good things in this class that it¹s hard to know where to start to say thanks. What I do know is that everywhere I go, I see creative nonfiction topics just waiting to be explored in book form. And the best part after taking this class is that now I have a better idea of how to make those books happen.
Thank you for being such a wonderful instructor. You have really offered so much in providing really helpful and well-informed comments. You really designed this beautifully, in logical kind of bite-sized steps that actually take us somewhere!
This class was the turning point for me as a writer. This class is so mind-provoking -- I loved the challenge you presented to us with each lesson.
What a true pleasure this course has been! For the first time in my life, I have the confidence to believe that becoming a published author is a real possibility for me. You are very knowledgeable about the writing process and you know how to relate it to others in a very easy, friendly, straightforward way. You have been very encouraging to me, and you have let me know that you have my best interest at heart. You challenge me to learn and grow and improve as a writer. I loved your lessons! They contain a wealth of information for new writers like myself. You are a wonderful writer and wonderful instructor. I feel privileged to have been a part of your class.
Please let your students know that their dreams of being published can come true if they do everything you tell them to do. I got a contract with a traditional publisher and my book is just hitting the shelves!

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