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Computer skills is something I have been lacking for years now. I am already learning more than I thought I ever would. Instructor Dave presents the information in a very easy to understand format which basically makes it like child play. I am extremely pleased with both the instructor and the information being presented. Now that I am learning these new skills, I know I will be an asset to any organization in todays work force. Thanks Instructor Dave. I have a totally new outlook on life in general!
Dave, thanks so much for an awesome class! I am looking for a new opportunity after 20 years with one employer and this was the perfect course to teach me things so that I could be competitive in my job search. I also recommended and sent the link to a friend and I know he is excited about taking your course as well.
Dave, you're a fabulous teacher. You have opened a door for me. You really know your stuff and it's been a great experience doing each lesson, reading and participating in the discussions and gaining knowledge that makes me feel confident in handling my work and/or problems that arise with the computer. I plan to take more courses and see how far I can go. Thank you so very much!
Great class, great material. I have already implemented what I have learned and got a great promotion!! Thanks for taking the scariness out of the computer world for me. I am looking forward to more on-line classes, this is a great way to learn. Thanks Dave.
I enjoyed this course. I felt rather "computer illiterate" before taking it, but found that I knew more than I thought I did. Also; my trouble areas weren't as difficult as I expected them to be. I would highly reccomend this course and may take others myself. Thank you very much for your assistance.
I'm so excited about having taken this online course. It has truly proven to be very beneficial to me in both my work environment and personal use, as well as managing my spouse’s small business. I have recommended this course to some of my friends and family. When I first took the pre-test I scored 69%. Needless to say I was quite discouraged. I'm happy to say that after the 12 lessons and finally taking the final exam I scored 100% on the final exam. Instructor Dave you did a great job with course presentation and replies to our questions. We all owe you for this wonderful new wealth of knowledge. Thank you!
I thought this course was extremely helpful in improving my skills and liked the style of the course and would like to take more on-line courses in the future.
I've used a computer in my home for approximately 9 years and what I know I've learned from my husband, and one other computer course, and a lot of trial and error. I recently entered the work force and want to feel confident in what I know. This course helped with that. Taking this class has helped me feel a little more confident and has inspired me to take some harder courses for the more specific information I will need to do my job. Although, this did not start out to be the class for me, I am glad I did pursue it.
I was juggling this course and another (Intro to Word) while simultaneously seeking employment all summer. Happily I completed both classes and was able to land a temp-to-hire job primarily based on my familiarity with spreadsheets. A computer literacy test was required; many of the questions were covered in this course. I was able to impress them with a score in the 85th percentile, thanks to these classes. I plan to follow your advice and continue to build my computer skills next session with Intermediate Word and Excel. Thanks, Instructor Dave!
This course was perfect for me. Cannot be more pleased with the way that things were explained on my level to get started. I am a busy mother of 3, ages 19, 16, and 9yrs old with multiple medical special needs and recently started my first job outside of the home after 18yrs of raising children.  I could make this fit into my hectic schedule of work, motherhood and 'nursing'/special needs world. I learned a lot from this course and do intend to continue on with more courses online.
Thank you for providing an affordable online course!!

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