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If you are unemployed or hate your job, this course is for you. The good news is that if you follow the course, do the assignments, by the end of Lesson 4, you have a pretty good resume. The course gets you out of your rut and motivates you to get out there and find the right job.
I have gained much perspective from taking this step by step class. It has reminded me of the importance of having a plan of action. Everything from reflecting on my needs, setting my goals to mapping out a job exploration plan and preparing for an interview has broadened my awareness of what is needed for a successful job search. I find myself refering to the lessons just to help friends and family get through various stages of life's challenges! Thanks so much for the insight and the outlined process of self-development!
I loved this class! It was what I needed to motivate and direct me in my search for the ideal job after 12 years of being a homemaker. This class, which I printed for reference, is helping me to relax and stay focused on my ideal needs. Todd did a fantastic job! I really loved this online class. I plan on looking into more online classes.
In the ten years I've been employed at my present job, everything has changed. I've gotten too comfortable and lost my edge. I needed to update my skills, and understand the rules of the job hunt game in order to be competitive with younger candidates. This course provides that advantage.
Thanks for offering this course. I have kept a notebook so I can always refer to it. I am much more confident now. After reviewing my strengths, experience and education, I honestly believe I can make a contribution to a company. I am very shy, so networking is difficult, but having a script really helps. I think the more interviews I go on, the less anxious I'll be.
This class was one of the best classes if have ever taken. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Bermont's lessons and up-lifting approach to job interviewing. The lessons I learned in this class will bless me my entire career.
Todd Bermont is an excellent instructor and mentor. I can see how it would be easy to work with him as a career coach. He is extremely positivie and uplifting and exactly what the job hunting process is all about. While taking Todd's course, I got a job! I guess that tells you how effective his course is! He is an excellent instructor and perfect for this course. I would highly recommend every career searcher take his course.
This course is amazing! I came into it as a shy and insecure little mouse who had no idea how to put myself out there. With Todd's help, I changed up my resume by deleting things that were insignificant; he also showed me how to transform a gap in my employment into a strong statement of work ethic and knowledge. I was able to "wow" them at the first interview, got called back for a second interview, and then was asked to shadow and eventually this has all come to full-circle: I now have the opportunity to choose between any of the 3 positions that I would the #1 hospital in the United States (recently became #2, just this year). I recommend this course for anyone who is looking for a new job. It is a great morale booster as well! PS...I have asked for one of Todd's books for Christmas, so I can keep him around all year long
Todd made easier my job hunt. He helped greatly to understand to have fun while doing a job hunt. Moreover, he helped realized that I am a Great person with strengths and selling point that differentiate me from everyone else. Thanks a lot.
This is one of the best courses on the subject I have ever taken. I have been unemployed and under-employed since being laid off in 2008. During that time, I have attended several groups to help with resume writing, interviewing and also paid a lot of money to companies who claimed they knew how to motivate, write resumes which would help me get a job. What a waste of money! Your course is terrific and I am very motivated to prepare for interviews by having a resume and cover letter. Thanks for knowing your purpose in life and for helping me and others.

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