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I had a wonderful time taking this course. I learned a lot about how children become fluent readers and writers. I have started to put my new knowledge to practice with my six year old. Thank you for the wonderful experience.
I have an almost 3 yr. old and almost 1 yr. old. We are planning to home school so I wanted to take a course to help me identify the steps of literacy development. What a great course. I LOVED KT and plan to take more of the courses that she offers. Thanks for this. My children will definitely benefit from it and the best part is I didn't have to leave home!!
I have to say that I was nervous about taking an online course, but this course was user-friendly, informative, and very enjoyable. The lessons were just the right length and presented in a way that really mimicked a classroom atmosphere...I was really impressed by the practical activities suggested and the useful supplementary materials. I have a wealth of new knowledge to help me with my future teaching and parenting.
KT prepared an excellent course that integrated current research with standard techniques. I have been thrilled with the information in the lessons. Although I have taught students for more than 27 years, I gained new ways for teaching to help my students. Her easy manner of communicating and humor made each lesson a joy. Thanks so much, KT!
This course was invaluable to me, as I am re-entering the teaching force again after 9 years of being a stay-at-home mom. I feel like I am back in the loop, and current with reading/writing research, vocabulary and practices. I will recommend this course to anyone who is interested in working with young readers and writers!
I want to thank you for a fascinating course. Initially, I took the class for reading credit, which was part of the requirements to renew my teaching certification…I wanted to take a course that would be useful to me, a benefit in some way to my art classes. I needed something that I could fit easily into my schedule too. This class was perfect...what I discovered through these lessons made lots of sense and opened my eyes. I am so glad that I experienced all of the course. I do truly feel that I have information now that will indeed enhance my art lessons in a very positive way. I will be better able to design meaningful experiences for my students, ones that will hopefully inspire and motivate them even more.
Kt Paxton was a wonderful teacher! She always had a reply to my discussion board post by the next day, which was impressive. She also was very quick to answer any question I had about the course or if I was unclear on an assignment. I would like to take another class that she teaches.
Wonderful course. I am already a teacher, so this course validated some of the things I already knew and updated me on some new information. I felt the lessons proved to be interesting and I liked how the instructor used frequent examples and stories, instead of just feeding us straight information
This was another fantastic course from Ms. Paxton. Thank you so much for helping me out in my career and with my family!
This course was thorough and up-to-date and addressed many of the issues I, as an English teacher, face with my middle and high school grades' struggling students. Since I began taking the course, I have been noticing some of the struggles that my readers face and I feel that I am better able to boost them over the hurdle they encounter. I have recommended this course to others.
This was my first online course and I really enjoyed it. The instructor was very prompt and helpful in discussions, which helped make a personal connection. The content was very relevant to me personally and I would definitely take an online course again.

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