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Great course by Cecilia. It was well written, easy to read and understand. The assignments enforced what was presented in the lesson.
Cecelia, I've learned a lot from both of your SQL courses (Introduction & Intermediate). I appreciate the opportunity to study online (good use of time since I work full-time with a daily commute). I've enjoyed these classes, thank you.
Cecelia Allison is by far the best instructor that I've had. She teaches in a way that makes it so easy to understand. I have read books by others who taught SQL and there is no comparison. I strongly recommend her course to anyone wanting to learn SQL.
I enjoyed the class. Great writing! Things were explained very well. For me, some things were a review and I was challenged by several new things, so it was the perfect course for me. I feel the content was very practical and I can put it to use immediately in my job. Thank you!
Cecelia is so organized and she presents the information in understandable components. Her instructions are outstanding! This is the second course I’ve taken by Cecelia and I would highly recommend her courses.
This is my second course from this particular instructor. She definitely is an expert in her field and provided a learning environment that was conducive to learning and understanding. I appreciate that the information was understandable as I had no prior experience with SQL before her two classes. Thank you again.
I really like this instructor's teaching style. The lessons are the right length and always presented in a way which makes it easy to retain the information. Her teaching by example helps me apply what I learn and better understand how to approach similar problems.
I had last used MS Access in 2002. My new work assignment required the use of MSA 2010. The use of the MSA tool plus the SQL technique training helped me greatly to "get up to speed" on both SQL use with MSA and the new environment that MSA 2010 provides. The thorough explanations and comparisons in SQL, as I had been using SQL/89, and the options made available proved valuable.
I took the Introduction course with Cecelia as well, and I enjoyed both courses. I really liked how the Intermediate course had you try what she was teaching during the lesson and prior to trying it for the first time in an assignment. It helped me to learn the material in a more effective way. I also found the tips to be especially helpful, because she explained the reasoning behind doing things one way vs another. It was like she was reading my mind! I would definitely take another course taught by Cecelia and would recommend her classes.

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