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Fit my time period. Met my needs. Feel more comfortable with the language.
Great class! Great tips on the easy way to speak Spanish. I wonder why high school Spanish teachers make it so hard.
I am a nurse at the hospital interacting with a lot of Hispanic patients weekly. Although I do speak enough Spanish to get by, I was interested in increasing my grammatical skills as well as my vocabulary. I was pleased to find each lesson added to my base as well as improved what I have been trying to do. The lessons were very easy to follow. Being able to work online at my own pace and schedule was perfect. Thank you.
I have been trying to learn Spanish for about 20 years...this is the first course I have taken in Spanish that made complete sense to me! Thank you!
I have tried other books and tapes to try to learn Spanish, but this course was the most helpful. Very simple and very informative . The recipes were simply brilliant.
I liked the course and appreciated not having to get bored over conjugating verbs, etc. It was useful from the beginning lesson. Thanks.
I love the teaching style and the recipes. I took two years of Spanish in high school and didn't learn half as much! If there is going to be a Speed Spanish II, I can't wait to enroll.
I much prefer this conversational/usable type of instruction to the customary sit in the class and memorize words that have no use at that particular time
I took one year of Spanish at a large university and learned more from this online course than in the entire year of that course! The formulas the instructor presents in this class make it easier to understand Spanish than a traditional university course.
I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was very practical and held my interest for each lesson. My son will be studying Spanish next year in eighth grade and I have exposed him to some of these lessons. I hope his teacher next year can make it as interesting for him as you did for me.

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