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This class has been so practical. I am really enjoying the "put it to use" today aspect. So many Social Media folks talk in platitudes. It is nice to have a "how to".
I have been working with social media on several levels (for my church, youth football league, high school football team, my employer) for a while now, but through this class I am enjoying framing and organizing the process for each of them.
Many, many thanks for your class. It was just what I needed to get me started both increasing and tracking the social media efforts by our organization. The nice thing is that I'm in the driver's seat. That's the scary thing too, but it is less scary now having completed your class.
I thought the course provided a great overview on social media management. I am hoping to delve into social media management as a new career and although I felt I was pretty savvy on the topic, you taught me lots of new tips and tricks. Thank you!
I really can't thank you enough for clearing so much of this up for me. You are an excellent teacher, and I feel much more empowered than I did prior to the course. Much of the fog has been lifted! I find this subject so interesting, and I will continue to learn. I will check out the other courses you listed as well. Thank you! I am so excited, particularly about the automation. I am most creative in the evenings, and it will be so great to schedule posts instead of staring at my computer wishing I had something interesting to say.
I enjoyed this course and felt the takeaway was exceptional. Dr. Semp's instructional methods and pace were perfect throughout the course. Although by no means an expert, I am no longer dodging the social media experience. I would recommend this course to friends and fellow colleagues. Love the discussion area. I actually printed some of the questions/answers for future reference.
I definitely agree that I got a ton of information out of this course. [...] While I am nowhere near being an expert, I, at least, do not feel like I'm wandering aimlessly in the social media landscape. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in getting into social media for their company.
I enjoyed this class very much and learned a lot about social media. Thank you for making the materials easy to follow and interesting. Since starting the class, I have gone from having almost no experience with social media to having accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (one of my favorites!), LinkedIn, and Delicious. I am already thinking about how I can fine-tune my social media efforts to engage more extended family members in my genealogy research. I am also thinking of how I can help my husband use social media to increase awareness and engagement with his nonprofit.
Coming from the "I'm a social media dinosaur, and I'm okay with that" perspective, Lesson 3 with the Flow Chart is worth the price of admission just by itself. Why, oh, why didn't I find you earlier? It would've saved me months of frustration. Thank you, Dr. Brad!
This course was on point. I learned a lot about social media and what it's actually designed for. Before this course, I was only scratching the surface. Since I do not have a business at the moment, I will concentrate on starting my very own blog. Thank you for designing an easy-to-follow online class.

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