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The course clarified what I needed to know about getting a book on the market in one way or another, and that was my chief objective. The instructor was everything she should be and more and I learned far more than I anticipated. I had no idea the area was so complex.
A very well-done course. Gave me exactly the knowledge and experience I was after.
I LOVED the class and I'm so excited to have a detailed to-do list now to prepare my books for publishing!!
This was the best course I've ever taken. The instructor (Linda Aksomitis) was extremely knowledgeable, personable, and helpful. She put a tremendous amount of effort into answering questions in the Discussion area--we learned as much there as in the lessons, as she researched her answers very thoroughly. The lessons were very complete and detailed, giving us the basic skills we need to get an e-book published. The quizzes and multimedia elements in the lessons were also very helpful.  This was a very practical course with up-to-date information. I feel confident that I can publish an e-book now. Thank you, Linda!
This is the exact class I was looking for. It contained all of the information I was looking for and more than I would have thought to ask about. This teacher laid out every step clearly and in ways that appealed to visual and audio learners. I appreciate this class because now I am properly equipped to publish my work online. Please commend the teacher for me.
I found this course to be extremely helpful, comprehensive, engaging and worthwhile. Linda Aksomitis is an excellent instructor and strikes a good balance between thoroughness in covering the material and keeping the tone of her lessons light and accessible. Even though much of the information is complex and technical, I found Linda's teaching style made it easier to comprehend and therefore utilize fully and with confidence. I particularly liked the detailed answers to questions in the discussion area, and the personal touch! I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to electronically publish a book.
Although I blindly stepped into writing my own book this course has further strengthened my interest in self publishing. It reviewed the knowledge I had gleaned from experience, answered many perplexing fears, and enhanced my ability to self publish 150%. Great information!
I thought I knew what I wanted to learn, but found there was so much more that I didn't know about! And, those things were critical to a successful ePub first-timer. I think I can now achieve my goal of publishing a young adult novel through Kindle Direct. I am looking forward to it! There are some things that are complicated, but I have printed out the lessons and will plow through it. The instructions are clear, and there are many links provided for technical help. So, thank you. This is a great course. When will it be offered again? I've been talking about it, and a few other people I know would like to take it. Linda is a very good on-line teacher.
Linda is the most helpful, knowledgeable instructor I've encountered in my classes. She takes extra time to truly connect with her students and answers every question with such in-depth information that her discussion areas are equally as valuable as the actual lessons. I'd highly recommend any class she teaches!
I'm a CPA and required to take 40 hours of continuing education each year. I wish my CPA classes were this good. The instructor was excellent! The material was just the right amount for each lesson. I've already recommended this class to my sister who has signed up for the next session. Thank you for "bringing it"!

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