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I thought that the way the course was organized with 2 lessons a week and quizzes to help reinforce the content was excellent and right on target. I found it easy to become engaged in the lessons, assignments, and online discussions; rather than experiencing information overload where it's harder to retain the material. The supplementary links were also very helpful and a nice addition to the lessons. The instructor was very responsive to any comments or questions I had along the way. I enjoyed the teaching style very much.
I really enjoyed this class. It definitely filled the gaps in my knowledge of Project Management. I also enjoyed being able to attend class at my leisure from home.
I had very little project management knowledge before taking this class and thought that I might be overwhelmed by the course content. However, I found that the course taught at just the right level to introduce me to the concepts, tools & processes of project management. I highly recommend the course to anyone wanting a taste of the project management world!
I really enjoyed the course, and wish I had more time to utilize the discussion area, it was fantastic, I had some of the same questions that were answered, and some great ideas as well! Great course, invaluable resources too!! Can't wait for the next part!
I was greatly impressed by this course. It was the correct length and enabled me to print out the exercises. The supplemental web sites are excellent. Great job.
This was a fantastic class and I really enjoyed it!
Mr. Swaim did a very good job in putting this material together. He has proven that he is very knowledgeable in Project Management. The lessons were easy to follow and understand and the flow of the subject matter was very good. I would recommend his course to others.
This was my first online class and I thought it was excellent. The instructor gave me material that I can use in other aspects of my job and I am planning on doing so shortly. If your other instructors are as good as Tony, you will have a great program, and you should be proud of it.
Tony, as a final comment on the course, my major is in Educational Technology and I've worked with technical institutes setting up distance learning initiatives for some time. The way you've organized this course is impressive. Also for the number of students that you had enrolled the amount of individual attention that you provided was spectacular. It takes a lot of time and committment to maintain contact with a large class, however, from the student's perspective it is extremely motivating.Good work.
Tony, Thank you for this on line course. I found both the course content and your comments to be informative and interesting.

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