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I have learned a great deal from your beginner course and I am really looking forward to the intermediate one! Thanks for turning on some of the lights for me with this complex software interface. Thank you also for being MAC friendly in this instructional process.
I rated this course, as well as my instructor, Ms, London with A++ rating. The process, lesson plans, meaningful materials, challenging exams, and resources...was outstanding. Thank you! I think that you did a good job in designing a lesson plan the worked for someone like me who had never used Photoshop. I started your course with ZERO experience.
The instruction have truly made this a different and less daunting experience.  The drawings are easier and the anxiety about tackling this extremely diverse program has been allayed.  I am looking forward to the lessons and taking a ton of notes.
Thank you for your help. It's a testimony to your teaching skills that I had already tried your suggestions. I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot! For Christmas, I got a Wacom Intuos 5 Touch Tablet. I'm really excited to apply what I've learned using that! I haven't even used it yet, since I've spent the past couple of days just watching tutorial videos on the Intuos and how it enhances the tools in Photoshop. You've done a wonderful job and I can't wait for the intermediate class! I'm looking forward to what you will share with us there!
This has been a wonderful class and I have learned so much. I do intend to take the intermediate course but I'm going to take a break for a bit and practice what I learned in this course first. Thanks for providing clear instructions and great inspiration for playing with this wonderful program.
I am really enjoying this class. I have learned more in two lessons than I figured out on my own for weeks.
"I want to say this is a really dynamite class. I've tried taking a few PS classes and not a one of them compare to this. It is exactly the kind of in depth class I've been wanting."
Enjoyed the class!  I have been "playing" in Photoshop for years, however, I have not really gotten into all the great things it can do.  This class has answered a lot of those "wonder what that will do" questions!  I really enjoyed the lesson on Type.  I would go to Illustrator or InDesign for type needs, but now I am more confident in using Photoshop and will explore the "type" possibilities there!
I am going to continue to build my knowledge of Photoshop and take the next class, if not this Spring, then in the Fall--warm weather is calling--got to get outside!!!!
Thank you all for this excellent class!

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