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Excellent in all respects.
Excellent instructions. Easy to follow.
The instructors and the course material was right-on. I appreciate this course so much.
I enjoyed this course. I found it to be very comprehensive and easy to follow. The examples and assignments were very appropriate and helpful. I have already recommended this course and instructor to a friend and would gladly do so again and plan to take the advanced course with this instructor.
REALLY liked the course! This is the first 'online' instruction I have used. At first I was anxious about being involved in it. For this type material, however, it was perfect! If I didn't understand the first time, I could go back and re-read what was said to get clarification. In a regular class, I might have been embarrassed to ask for clarification, but here I could get it with without being a bother. I will certainly continue getting instruction in this format and with this instructor. She was so clear in her explanations and when I asked questions in the discussion area, the questions were answered quickly and extremely thoroughly by the assistant.
I've taken several other Photoshop courses - none online - and have learned so much more from this class than any of the others. All of the explanations were detailed, easy to follow and complete. It was also very nice to know that if you didn't understand something, that there was someone there ready to help. I definitely will take more courses.
I very much appreciate the positive attitude of both Beverly and Eric. Definitely Tiggers, not Eeyores. I also appreciate how you anticipated so many common questions and concerns right in the instructional material. That comes from experience alone, which is what we're paying for. I'm left with the impression that both of you and your Photoshop course are of high quality and that I have been treated with respect. Way to go! I'll be back for more.
I really enjoyed this course. I almost skipped this one and went straight to CS5 for the Digital Photographer 2, but I'm glad I didn't. I really needed to learn all the new tools in CS5 since I upgraded from CS2. Plus I haven't had any official training since Photoshop 7. I like the teaching style, and having both main and expert assignments was helpful. It was fairly easy to do the main assignment, but I was able to stretch myself with the expert assignments. Also the supplemental links were a great resource.
I have two Photoshop manuals and a couple of books and have had the program for years. I have never been able to comprehend or understand the program. This course was easy to follow and every lesson was very easy to learn. Thank you so much and I will be signing up for the next class.
Thank you so much for offering this course. I have loved learning the material, and I have already been using my new knowledge in my every day work as a photographer. I hope to be able to take another course soon in the future!

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