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Although work often takes away from concentrating more on the lessons, the course presented me with immediately useful information. I intend to keep these lessons as reference material when I continue with Perl programming.
I enjoyed this course especially the writing style of the teacher. His style showed a sense of humor and made the class fun. I could see how it would be a great experience to be in his on-campus class if it was possible. I appreciated his quick response to the questions I posted.
Instructor was great. I'd love to take another of his classes.
It was a real honor to be your student this past month. I can't begin to describe how eager I am to begin writing Perl codes of my own! Your web pages have been easy to comprehend, full of powerful information, and just plain fun! I'm very glad to have had you as my instructor in learning Perl, and wouldn't have wanted anyone else. Thanks again for a wonderful course!
I've programmed computers for 40+ years in every language known to mankind (OK, almost every language ...) and was self-taught in Perl in order to do my job. This course was FANTASTIC in opening my eyes to new ways to do things, tricks and hints and in explaining things I just took on faith before enrolling here. The instructor's lessons are clear, concise, and easily readable. The quizzes and exams were not 'gimme' types, but, instead, made you think. I'm excited about the new knowledge I've added to my almost-full brain and looking forward to utilizing Perl more and more as time goes on. GREAT COURSE!
Overall, the course provided a good introduction to the topic and I would like to learn more.
This is a really well organized class. I felt that the pacing was excellent. I liked the examples and thought they demonstrated the points well. The assignments were interesting and could be extended by the student if they wanted to go further.
This is my first on-line/distance learning experience and I must say I'd do it again. It was very convenient to be able to catch up with the rest of the class even after being weeks behind. The instructor did a superb job at organizing the material, selecting the examples, and following up on the questions posted in the discussion areas. Great job, Nathan! Thanks from a very satisfied customer.
This is my first programming course in class or online in any programming language. Nevertheless, I feel that this course was presented at the right level and detail. The quizzes and assignments were often pretty challenging, but within reason and appropriate. Excellent job - amazing what you can teach online!