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Linda is an excellent instructor. Her lessons, supplementary materials, and discussions supplied lots of valuable information and resources. She is exceptionally attentive to the student discussions and continuously feeds the students additional information on markets and other related matters as she comes across them. I highly recommend this course.
This course provided valuable information about writing for the Internet. Everyone that writes should take this course. You will be amazed at what is happening in cyberspace. This course opened up a whole new world and market for my writing. Excellent course. The supplemental materials are excellent. Most have been bookmarked for further study and use. Thanks for a great course.
Linda Aksomitis was an excellent instructor...She offered discussion on each Lesson - I found reviewing the discussions very informative. Also, she made relevant comments before each Lesson and commented on each student's discussion comments. I would certainly take another one of her classes. I learned a great deal about writing markets on the internet. Thank you for such an outstanding instructor.
I thought the instructor was truly gifted. She showed she had expertise in writing and in internet marketing. She demonstrated ability in moving around many focal points of cyberspace. The instructor pushed students and respondents to the course material to exercise their creativity. For anyone starting out in internet marketing or writing for the internet, this course was invaluable. The creative use of the resources listed, discussed, or made available by the instructor showed a positive direction to anyone trying to develop their career here. Lastly, I would like to say, the Instructor was 100% supportive all the time. She demonstrated a welcoming environment in which to learn, at every turn.
The 'Introduction to Internet Writing Markets' course is jam-packed with information! I've been given an arsenal of tools that I can use to pursue a writing career. I feel confident that with this knowledge I can be successful in my endeavors to become self employed and utilize my writing talents. The lessons were full of information that I didn't even know I needed. I learned many new terms and was exposed to a number of exciting websites and online tools for writers. These tools are useful not only for those planning to develop a freelance business, but also would be very valuable for book authors too. The instructor's online tone is one of professionalism, support and encouragement, and replies were given in a very timely fashion. This is my second course, and it certainly won't be my last. I feel that the content I received was well worth the cost. Excellent content, excellent discussions with peers and wonderful practical use.
At the onset of this class, I just wanted to see how brick and mortar publishing translated into cyberspace. Now, at the end of the class, I can see how the web can work fo me and I have a new direction for this phase of my life. I call that a successful class!
Not only is Linda Aksomitis an expert on her subject matter, she is most generous with that knowledge. One feels certain that Linda wants her students to take away as much as possible from the course, to apply it to their own endeavors and be successful.
This course (and Linda) delivered exactly what I wanted to learn to formulate my nitch in cyberspace. The class is beyond comprehensive and the course material will be an indispensable reference as I navigate and create my footprint. It's obvious she is a master of cyberspace and I feel so fortunate to have access to her knowledge. Thank you, Linda! The class was amazing!
This was a great introductory class. Linda is so on target with her answers. She was a wealth of information. You will walk away with so much on your mind as well as possibilities.
Great instructor! I loved the interactive components she included - online games and quizzes to reinforce learning. Her personal video introduction and commentaries were a great addition too. She also included photos/graphics which made it more interesting. Her teaching style is by far more advanced than many of the other course offerings I have taken with you. Way to go, Linda Aksomitis! I will miss her support and informative guidance.

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