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This was a complete, thorough and well-paced introduction to LinkedIn. It shortened the learning curve tremendously, and pointed out some hard-to-find but extremely valuable tools. Ron was a very upbeat and encouraging instructor. Thank you!
Ron Nash made a believer out of this doubter. I had little appreciation of LinkedIn before I took this course. I thoroughly read his lessons, did the assignments and even reviewed the recommended outside sources. My LinkedIn profile is much more complete and professional-looking now. I had tried to learn these techniques on my own, with the help of books from the library. But they are static and dated. Ron is current, interactive, and a fabulous teacher and coach. Go Team!
I enjoyed this course and all the lessons provided, extremely helpful as I continue to build my skills in social networking. Ron Nash exceeded my expectations as an instructor. His personal feedback in Discussion made you feel like he truly cared about your questions and comments. And giving his students the opportunity to link to him on LinkedIn was an unexpected bonus that we can continue to learn from after the course is completed. Such a great experience. Thank you, Ron!
This class has probably been the best class I've ever taken online. I have experienced a lot of discouragement in my job search the last several months, but with the ideas you presented here, I've been able to embrace a renewed confidence in the endeavor. I'm often overwhelmed by today's technology, both what it can do for us and what it requires of us, and your presentation of LinkedIn has made it both understandable and accomplishable for me. In particular, I'd like to thank you for the numerous detailed instructions on important steps. Those are the kind of thing that tends to throw me for a loop, and I felt like you presented them both with clarity and in a manner that showed why these ideas are important to grasp.
This class was a delightful surprise! There was real, use-it-today information in every presentation. Professor Nash was approachable, clear and fun. And the bonus is the Group he set up for students to use during the course as well as ongoing support. Thank you! I’ve been extolling the virtues and usefulness of LinkedIn and have sweet-talked three friends into taking Professor Nash’s course this summer. It is well worth your time and a bargain for what you get. Bravo!
This course not only met my expectations, but exceeded them by leaps and bounds. I am computer remedial and a bit overwhelmed by electronics, but now I feel I can be successful in utilizing the course content. The material was presented in useful and easy to understand way. This has been the best course I have taken this year.
Ron Nash went above and beyond with his guidance and communication.
This course was the best of all the other courses I have taken because it told how to connect with people who have the job opportunities. Ron is an excellent instructor.
Ron, thank you so much for your insights. This course has been the most valuable of all the other courses I've taken. The lessons are so full of good advice, and I'm printing them to refer to in the future! Re-reading them always offers something new that I hadn't noticed before.
I started this class not knowing what I was doing on LinkedIn. I have transferred my skills and am pursuing entrepreneurship. Ron and this class are a blessing. I say GO FOR IT!

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