Product reviews for Explore Vet Nursing: Practical Skills

Great Course!! I put the information to use with my rescues during the time I was learning. Excellent for pet owners. I have recommended it to several people and will continue to do so.
Verified Student
I especially like that you had photographs along with the content. The video clips were very helpful as a learning aid. The course was well organized and written in a style that was easy to understand. The course content was excellent. It was a convenient, interesting, and fun course. The case histories and examples from your practice gave an insight into a vet’s world. Thanks for a great experience.
Verified Student
This course offered much more information than I expected. This is a great course for pet owners, breeders and for anybody who is working with animals. All the questions on the discussion board were answered quickly and professionally. Thank you Dr. Jeff!
Verified Student
I enjoy the lessons so much and it gave me great insight into the practical
tasks in a veterinary clinic. With the concise explanation, pictures and
videos, it makes the learning process even easier. This course has really
encourage me to further my interest in veterinary science. Thanks Jeff!
Verified Student
The course definitely covered many topics. I liked how the instructor
explained everything very clearly. Sometimes textbook explanations are very
confusing. The pictures were great, to better explain certain topics. I
really gained a lot from this course. Dr. Grognet is a very good instructor.
I look forward to taking another course of his soon. I like his style of
Verified Student
This is the third class I have taken with Dr. Jeff and I have been extremely
pleased with all three. I plan to go on to be a vet tech and I feel they
have been a great asset in helping to prepare me for my career. He makes the
material interesting and the lessons enjoyable. I would definitely recommend
his classes to others.
Verified Student
Excellent course! The course material was very organized and contained so
much good information! Dr. Jeff also made it fun to learn with picture
matches, crossword puzzles, and short video clips. I took the course as a
pet owner (rather than a vet assistant employee) and found the information
invaluable. Dr. Jeff is an excellent instructor and I would definitely another one of his classes.
Verified Student
I strongly recommend this course to anyone seeking a career in this field! There is so much information that I have taken from this course that will help me better understand my position as an assistant!
Verified Student
This course has been a very helpful tool for gaining knowledge and learning important and valuable information. For the pet owner who wants to know more about their little or big four legged family member, or someone who is pursuing a career in the veterinary field, this course has it covered. I feel much more confident about being a knowledgeable and responsible pet owner. I'm also on my way to realizing my goal of one day working as an assistant. Thank you!
Verified Student
This was a fantastic course. I really enjoy the style of the instructor, Dr. Grognet. He has a great way of teaching, with a good balance of intensity and humor to lighten the depth of the topics. The content of the lessons was informative, well-paced, and the activities were fun to complete at the end of each chapter. My questions were answered almost immediately and thoroughly through the discussion group postings. I found the explanations to my questions helpful in my learnings as I continued to work through the course. Overall, I found this course and others I have taken with Dr. Grognet to be really interesting and helpful in my pursuit of a second career working with animals in a veterinary hospital setting. I recommend that others take these courses if they are interested, involved pet guardians or if they are pursuing a career in animal health. Thank you.
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