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I have enjoyed this course very much. It was easy for me to fit into a busy lifestyle. My thanks to the instructor for "infecting me with Genealosis"! This course has helped me in my quest to learn more about my family and it's history! Will be looking for follow up classes.
I have learned a lot, both about genealogy and about my family, in the weeks we have been in this course. I have a long way to go, but the journey is the part I love. While it is great to document that these are MY ancestors, once I know that, I want to know so much more about them, and this class has shown me ways to find that information.
I really enjoyed taking this course. I learned a lot about researching my family that I didn't know. Through this course, I discovered ways to research that I hadn't even thought about before or that I hadn't heard of. Thanks for a job well done!!
I really liked this course. Website info is outstanding. I have been working on my family genealogy since 1971. I wish I had this course back then--and that there was an Internet then!
I thought the information and supplementary material was very informative. What a rush of adrenalin when I found my first ancestor with your guidance. All my ancestors have passed away without my knowing to ask any questions of their heritage so my task is quite difficult. I work full time now and have made sure to copy everything so the material will be available to me as I have more time to work on our genealogy. Thanks for all your guidance, and I look forward to taking additional internet courses.
The content and benefits of taking this course exceeded my expectations. I wanted a refresher course with a very great emphasis in online research information and sites to use as I am very weak in the online research area. This course did that, and more. I'm very pleased with this course.
This course has really hooked me on the task of finding my ancestors. I now have a much clearer idea of how to go about this job, particularly with regard to using the Internet.
I am new to Genealogy and feel this "Basic" course is more than enough to get me started and keep me going for years. Genealogy Basics is a must for beginners and old timers will delight at the abundance of new ways to approach "brick walls". I loved Bob's discussion areas which were full of extra resources and research tips. I cannot imagine starting genealogy without this course. I highly recommend Genealogy Basics, take the course you will not regret your choice.
I enjoyed this course tremendously! The lessons were well-developed and interesting, and the activities and resources were amazing! I am thrilled with all that I learned along with the extensive resources shared throughout the course. I have already recommended this course to several people. Thank you so much for getting me on the right track to researching my ancestors. I truly appreciate all that has been offered here!
I found this course very informative and done in an interesting and fun way. Not only were the lessons very informative, the discussions and assignments really brought it home. The examples showed how to work it and then I continued on looking for my ancestors. The crossword puzzles were a fun way to learn things and the quizzes being interactive were very good. The information was not spoon-fed but helped start my brain in a "Detective mode" which will help searching for information. This has shown me many areas and ways to find information and I'm really excited to be re-starting my search for my ancestors. Thanks very much!

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