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Do I need a professional video recorder to complete this course?

No. You will need either a video camera, pocket camcorder, digital camera with video recorder or smartphone to maximise your learning experience.

Will I be required to complete assessments?

Yes. There are 12 modules in this course. You will complete a test at the end of each module and receive a % grade to show how well you have understood the questions.

Will I receive a certificate at the end?

Yes. You will receive a Professional Certificate in iDigital Video. It’s important not to confuse this certificate with a nationally recognised qualification, which is substantially longer and more expensive.

What are the requirements?

  • Internet enabled computer or device
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‘I found the iDigital Video course to be an extremely worthwhile investment.  For years I've been videoing family and events without really understanding what I was doing, but now I feel that I have a deep understanding of how to shoot and produce impressive looking video. Thank you!’

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