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Dr.Shaw is a great instructor. She encourages her students with constructive praise. She brings out the best in all her students. I would reccommend Dr.Shaw's courses . Thank you.
Eva, I hope you can comprehend your positive influence on so many people. I've learned much, much more than I ever expected and feel that I've re-discovered my creative self. Thank you for giving us this safe, non-judgmental virtual space.
Eva, while reading Lesson 12 I began sobbing. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for your love of the written word and how you use it to connect, teach and inspire.
Eva, your assignments are wonderful instruments for helping us down the path of becoming better writers, better people. Keep it up. Thanks!
Eva, your class has been a turning point for me. Thank you for your lessons and encouragement. I've gone from saying "I want to be a writer" to "I AM a writer." I hope to take another of your classes sometime soon, possibly magazine writing. Thanks again!
I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and will implement many of the lessons learned to further my writing. It has been a pleasure to meet and interact with so many talented, creative writers and I just want to extend my thanks to Eva for her positive encouragement. I will miss you all.
I never let anyone read my writing before because of a negative experience in college. An instructor told me flat out "you just cannot write" and it haunted me for a long time. Fast forward a million years...the last six weeks has opened a new world for me. The positive feedback from all of you unlocked a door that should have never been closed. For this I am grateful.
I took this course to tighten up on my writing with better use of language, research and editing. Eva was excellent from the first assignment and I was able to learn some important techniques for my craft. I wish I could bottle her. Thanks so much, Eva. I feel that I have grown so much.
I submitted my work from this course to a local contest and I won! I'm pretty proud of myself, but moreover I want to thank Eva for not only her support, but everything down to offering this class, caring about it, encouraging us, providing us such fantastic stepping stones, and being, in general, awesome.
Two days ago I was offered to write a monthly column for our newspapers family page.  I am thrilled to be able to write on a consistent basis for a publication.  And I owe some of this to you, Eva.  If you hadn't made the comment that a previous assignment from the descriptive settings course would make a good newspaper article, I would never have submitted it for publication.  Thanks!
Over the last five months, I have taken  four of the six courses taught by Eva.  I just began "Write Your Own Story" this week and I plan to sign up for Writeriffic II next month.  Before taking these courses, I had a story rolling around my head for years, actually several stories. I never believed I was capable of actually writing these stories and the thought of pursuing a published piece was unthinkable. Eva's classes have challenged me to face the fears, and begin to create on paper something I have only dreamed of doing. I have discovered more about myself in these last five months than I have in six years of education to become a therapist.  Which class to take first? Whichever one jumps out at you first.  Each class has invaluable information, challenging assignments, tips, inspiration, and a clear path to guide writers to their goals.

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