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I have enjoyed this class a lot and learned much. I really wanted 3 things from this class, creating working forms, embedding videos,  and what HTML5 is all about. Embedding videos was pretty straight forward and Vimeo was easy to use. HTML5 worked in the newest gadgets and I guess that is the future. Image maps was totally new to me and fun to learn...Again,  I have really had fun with this class.  It has improved my skills and for an old lady (84), that is a great accomplishment.
Thanks for being our instructor for the past 12 lessons. Even though I've been designing websites for about as long as you have, this course contained a lot of material that was new to me. I've also been too lazy to create my own forms -- but no more. You've cured me. Thanks most of all for the exposure to HTML5!
Thank you.  This was the first time I have taken an online class.  I liked the pace and convenience.  My absolute favorite chapter was on the mobile-media, using the 2 style sheets. Very cool.
I found this course to be a great introduction to designing with CSS and HTML5. I will be looking for other courses to take me to the next level in each of these…We had a great instructor. He really knows his business first hand and does a tremendous job of guiding us from the most basic tasks to the pro level of design.
This is the second course I have taken and I plan on taking a few more…The instructor is great, information is up to date and useful…I have spent hours trying to research the things taught in this course via Google and other means…The way these courses are laid out and presented make them an unbeatable value. Also, doing them in your own time is huge for people like myself with hectic schedules.
This course was written well and the instructor was knowledgable and friendly. This helped me better understand the new advances in web design as well as solidify some of the basics. Thank you!
I chose this course so I could upgrade my understanding and skill level and the course exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful to Dave Karlins for his excellent scope and guidance that always took into account a broad range of experiences while also approaching the material with an eye for humor and patience. I have already been spreading the good news about this course and this instructor--I am in the writing and editing business so a lot of my peers really need this kind of course. Thank you, Dave Karlins. My career path has been repaved!
The course helped me to learn areas I was deficient in. For example, I needed to learn a little more about the layout of web pages, and this course makes an excellent presentation in that area. I also needed to learn about developing web pages for cell phones and tablets, and this course taught me a lot there. In addition, I learned about video and HTML5. In the beginning, I questioned whether I should be taking this course because the early lessons were review. As the course continued, I was very pleasantly surprised at the amount I learned. The entire course is clearly written. I think it's a great course, and I'm glad I took it.
I absolutely loved this course. I have taken five courses and this has been my favorite.
This course was outstanding. I feel as though Mr. Karlins concentrated on the practical and useful elements involved in web design. I believe that I walked away from this course with much more knowledge in what counts in web design. I appreciate and thank David Karlins for his time and knowledge and for creating such a cool course.

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