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I have never taken an online course before and had no idea what to expect. This course was excellent. The format, contents and expectations were perfect for people who also hold full time jobs. Each and every lesson provided a wealth of information which was easy to digest. The websites that accompanied each lesson were fantastic and extremely useful. My experience was most definitely a positive one! I highly recommend this class to potential students.
I honestly think this has been the best class I have ever taken. It is my first online class and I have been just amazed. Ms. Colwell has helped me change my whole outlook on classroom computers. I want to sincerely thank you.
I just wanted to let you know how much I have learned from this class. I have returned to teaching after 9 years and I have three children. I don't have much time to post comments etc., but I greatly appreciate all the work you have done in providing information on such great websites. The instruction and ideas on projects has been excellent. I am fortunate to have a smartboard in my room and thanks to you, it is not a glorified chalkboard. Thank you.
I was nervous about signing up for a computer class that was taught over the internet. How could such a class possibly help me grow in knowledge and experience without a live body being right there? Well, I have learned a lot. I found out mistakes I have been making in my classroom, ways to better use the materials available to me, and courage to try the new things I learned in the course. I have enjoyed this experience so much that I have signed up for two more such classes. Thank you for providing this type of material.
This class was great!! The instructor really inspires me to go into the classroom and share these great ideas and equipment with the students. I taught for forty years, if I had been exposed to computers that worked, the internet, and Stacy's organizational skills, I would have never retired. (I'm renewing my certificate).
This course has caused me to use the computer in more ways with my students. They have shown a great interest in doing assignments on the computer. In using the computer the students have made improvements in their work.
This was a well-planned and useful online course. The material was directly relevant to a classroom teacher's daily life. I particularly liked how the lessons were geared to show computer usaged in all the topics.
There are websites, practices, and ideas learned from this course that I am now using regularly in the classroom.  I have recommended this course to others on several occasions. Thanks for the great material!
What a great course! The instructor's writing style was easy to read and informative. I learned a lot about computers, and feel much more confident in using them in my classroom. Thank you!
This was a great introduction class for me. I have been out of the classroom for a few years and am planning on going back. I definitely needed a refresher and this really fit my needs. Thanks for the great class!