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I have no doubt but that I landed on my feet with this course and I'm pleased I committed myself (financially). I'm really pleased I found this course via a web search. I'm pleased I can come and go, stop, repeat and absorb at my own pace. The videos are compact and articulate. I couldn't wish for anything better and look forward to using logic to compose with.
I just cannot find words for your course, especially the Advanced one. Let me tell you I am really satisfied and happy to do this course. This is a miracle how fantastic and endless opportunities in logic and your explanation is always straight and clear. I find your course much more better than go to somewhere in to school to do this, it’s because I can "stop you, rewind you" and I have time go through a difficult part of a certain unit as many time as I want. My Logic knowledge been developed huge!
Before I started the course I already had some knowledge on logic so was unsure whether I needed to start on the beginner’s course or go straight to advanced. After completing the beginners, id highly recommend it as it covers lots i didn't know and offered interesting alternatives and tips with the stuff I did know. The advanced course then goes into much more detail. all through the course you get plenty of support from the course tutors and the sample you get thrown in are a massive bonus! Cheers
I have been spending the last couple of months doing your course and have just completed the basic course. I cannot thank you enough for the help. It has been a very informative course and I am really looking forward to starting the advanced course. The thing I have liked the most about the course has been the really hands on approach to the tutorial. I find the video tutorial a great way to see first-hand what should be done and find the pdf notes a really good way to reference during the practical implementing of the skills that are gleaned during Rob's tutorial. This truly is an innovative way of becoming fluent with the Logic Software and has opened up the potential of the product and enabled me to create tunes that I would happily throw myself round a laser filled room to.
The course presentation so far is great, very engaging and gives enough information in any section without overloading. Finding the course notes useful as reference and very happy with the course so far. Been a little busy of late so not immersed myself as much as I would have liked but will be once back from holidays!
I've been using Logic for a year and a half and in that time I've watched countless tutorials on Youtube and acquired quite a stack of production textbooks (inc. the official guidebooks). There's a lot of fantastic material out there, but I can't stress enough how helpful your online course has been. Rob obviously knows the programme inside out, and the clarity and structure of his presentation is streets ahead of anything else I've seen. I really felt there was something lacking in my work, and was seriously considering spending thousands on an offline course, but after working through your modules my arrangements sound much more sophisticated and uncluttered. Moreover, I feel I have a set of principles with which to continue improving on my own. Most importantly however, I am now enjoying Logic far more - the emphasis on getting the right parts of the programme talking to each other and managing signal flow make Logic work for you and not against you. I would recommend this course to anyone. The Bass Station is fantastic as well.
Well I was very sceptical at first thinking that this would be a course like any other course. I was totally mistaken and taken by surprise. For a non-musician who has had minimal exposure to software such as Logic Pro 9 I was taken aback when I got to part 2 on the course. Apart from being easy to digest with the ability to run the course at your own speed, there is a wealth of knowledge shared by Rob Jones that I found incredibly useful. When I bought Logic Pro 9 I was at a bit of a loss as to whether I had invested wisely. Rob Jones' course has opened up many possibilities and is currently helping to realise how powerful this application is as well as explain what each part does and what it is for. Things like cutting up samples and understanding midi were an anathema to me until I started this course now I am much more wiser. The video tutorials are clear to watch and easy to follow and I like the idea that I can always go back again if I have missed a point.Bravo! A course well worth investing in!

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