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I have been having a blast with this course. Through the years I have wanted to have my own business, doing a lot of research, just never going full steam ahead. Your lessons are so helpful and validate a lot of things that I have been doing on my own, but never sure if they were correct. Thanks again!! It is always rewarding to have such a good instructor and I really enjoyed the course.
I am starting two home based businesses. This course has given me great insight and encouragement to succeed at both of them, and maybe more down the road.
I have researched online and in books on how to go about writing a business plan and this was the most comprehensive and streamlined description of how to and what to include. So far I have been very impressed with the information covered in this class. I have been studying this stuff for months, and this is the most useful info yet. Kudos to you, Helene!
I learned a lot from this course. It opened my eyes and gave me inspiration to pursue my dreams of being my own boss. Thank you very much!
I never imagined the depth of information necessary to starting a home based business. Thank you so much for slowing me down enough in taking one step at a time instead of diving in head first and getting stopped before I even got started. Now I know where to begin correctly.
I thought the course was very insightful and, due to the fact that I could print the material, it will be a most helpful reference tool when I begin setting up my home based business. I felt that the instructor posed very important questions to ask one's self in pursuing a home based business career.
This was a very informative class. I will be using everything that I have learned here to make my business successful. I think ANYONE that is going to start a small business should take this course. It definitely opens your eyes.
Thanks for the course Helene, I am completing it today, but am by no mean finished. It has been a great foundation on which to build upon. I have most definitely benefited from this course and would recommend it to others.
Your course is wonderful and very helpful.  I am starting slowly and am going to be putting together my "building blocks" for my business with my husband.  We are going to form a partnership with an LLC and are going to be working with the Small Business Development Center in our area with a business counselor.  I am excited, scared and nervous. It is definitely going to be a big adventure. I highly recommend your course to anyone starting their own business - large or small. Thank you most sincerely for all the information.
Hi Helene,
I would just like to send a big "thank you" for this wonderful course. I feel so much closer to starting my own home-based business now. The simplicity yet thorough material that you provided was a breath of fresh air! Now finished, I am going to take the next few weeks to implement all I have learned and start my event company [...] For anyone that crosses my path with a dream to start their own home-based business, I will be highly recommending your course.

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