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Hi Chad, I am enjoying your instruction so much! I have been in and out of the world of drawing all my life and it's so good to be doing it again and it's like you have unlocked the secret box.
I thoroughly enjoyed this class- and I will recommend it to others!
I thoroughly enjoyed this class- and I will recommend it to others!
I thought this was an excellent course with just the right amount of information and instruction to allow me to continue to pursue my interest in drawing. I felt as if Chad had a good time with it and I did as well. I especially enjoyed his sketches and have a new appreciation for comic book art!
It was a fun course and the instructor's comments were amusing. I improved my drawing skills and learned about some new techniques.
I would like to thank you and your staff for taking the time to assist us with our projects. It helps to be able to use Flikr and MySpace to post work, then get tips and pointers from others as well as the staff. I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon, but never had any formal training. After this class, I understand why I draw certain ways and can now make better progress with my pictures. I truly enjoyed this class. Thank you again for all of your help.
Just wanted to say thanks for the instruction. Your guidance in the past 12 lessons was a great start. I also realize that there is much more study and practice required on my part. I have seen a great improvement in my drawing by simply implementing many of your suggestions. Thanks again for taking the time to transfer your knowlege.
This has been great Chad. I have been working as a commercial Artist for over 30 years and thru the years I have sort of 'lost' the ability to 'see' in order to paint for me and not for some nameless consumer that doesn't care one whit what talent it took to create. I have found my creativity again. Thanks so much for your fresh approach to teaching. You are very down to earth and your lessons were done with great clarity. I haope all beginning artists have a chance to have you as their first instructor. You are very inspirational.
I wanted to thank you for your excellent instruction into the world of drawing! I feel as an artist that I have grown leaps and bounds by this wonderful course--thank you so much, it was a great honor to be your student!
I took this course to learn how to better look at things to enable me to improve my photography. Shadows and lighting in particular have been a problem for me. I am looking at the world differently now and I thank you for all you have taught us. I look forward to trying out a few new techniques when I go to the zoo to photograph animals, which I love doing in the summertime. Thanks again!

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