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A very timely course in this day and age when the number of elderly is increasing at record levels. I had been searching for information on a variety of elder care issues for quite some time and this course provided me with answers to my questions in one place. With my parents entering their golden years, I needed a roadmap to guide me with helping them through the aging process. This course was that roadmap.
Excellent and informative class. I only wish I had taken it several years earlier. Some problems dealing with my parents may have been avoided. I will use this material again and again. It's very valuable.
Excellent course, and it could not have come at a better time in my life. I feel I got an enormous amount of direction and information! I would highly recommend it to others!
For many, the journey down the path of assisting aging parents is full of uncertainty and emotional highs and lows. This course lights the way for our journey through the experience of others. Knowing what to expect and being equipped with tools to handle the challenges along the way makes me more confident and better prepared to deal effectively with whatever lies ahead.
I found the course to be very informative.  My father passed away at home after a lengthy illness & the course reinforced the way the family handled his illness and passing.  Your course gave me some valuable things to think about.  I would definitely recommend the course. The course was very well organized.  Thank you for all your personal experiences.
I thoroughly enjoyed this on-line class on Assisting Aging Parents. The lessons and supplemental information have been valuable. The instructor was knowledgeable and caring, and taught from first hand experience. I feel that I am more prepared and have more confidence to deal with the the complexities of dealing with my aging parents. This was my first on-line class and I must say, I found it very enjoyable and look forward to taking other courses in the future.
This was a very timely class for me. My parents are elderly and I am struggling with their care and wellbeing. The scope of the course was amazing to me - the instructor covered information from the very beginning of the aging process (retirement) through searching for alternative living conditions and ending in the finality of death. All topics were covered candidly and with compassion. I think one of the greatest benefits was the outside reading and resource list.
Your class was so much more than I expected! Beyond helping me with the practical matters of resources and approaches, ultimately I realized that in order to be effective for my dad I have to dismantle the roadblocks in my head. After almost forty years of cynically rejecting "clichés," light bulbs were going off in my head as I read your material. It finally sunk in and empowered me -- I can change myself! As a result I have a confidant in my sister and a healthier relationship with my mom. Thank you for truly helping ME to assist my aging parents!
The course is a much needed course for many. It is excellent, very informative, provides many resources, and has up to date information. I have learned so very much from taking this course. It has provided me with a road map of what to and how to better prepare for the death of my parents and my own death. After taking this course, there is no reason why all important papers should not be in place. Following through on what I learned in this course should help me with the emotional as well as the business part of the aging process. It should benefit my parents as I work with them, benefit me - as well as my daughters - as I prepare everything for them in advance. Great Course! Our instructor has a very loving, caring manner in which she presents the materials. I like the way she shares her own experiences, which lets the students know she is instructing from personal experience. She is not teaching us something she has not experienced or felt. She has a very sympathetic ear as we share our grief and disappointments as we work with our aging parents. Kudos to our instructor. She is fantastic! Thank you, Marsiea! You have made a great impact on my life and the way I will handle the business of Assisting My Aging Parents.
I retired seven years ago.  During the first six years my husband and I enjoyed lots of travel, taking care of our nephew's children, and volunteer work.  In the sixth year of retirement I started missing the world of work.  I missed getting a paycheck and working.  My thoughts, however, were "who would hire an old lady who hadn't worked in six years?”    I felt revitalized again learning what was new in office software.  I took a certificate course in gerontology and during that course I perused medical office websites.  I updated my resume and applied for a job as an activity aide in the dementia section of a nursing home.  I went through two interviews and was hired on my 65th birthday last summer.

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